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No-Nonsense Golf Instruction
From Tee to Green

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In Pursuit of the Perfect Golf Swing

If you are looking to improve your golf swing and transform your game fast you came to the right place.

I created Good at Golf for exactly this purpose. The golf swing can be an elusive thing. In the end it all boils down to making the right movements with the right timing.

Although Ben Hogan stated in his famous book “The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” that anybody could break 80 if he only stuck to the basics and applied himself the reality is that most golfers aren’t able to break 100 even on their best day. On top most golf teaching online is either hype or utter b.s.

Good at Golf follows a no-nonsense approach to golf instruction. I don’t repeat trends or swing styles here. I simply find out what works and teach exactly that in plain English to everybody that’s interested to play better golf.

I also don’t believe in quick golf swing tips, miracle training aids or other fluff. If you are looking for these kind of things (that don’t work) you find plenty of it elsewhere on the internet.

I believe in the eternal truths for good golf. These are the things successful golfers at all levels follow whether they are conscious of it or not. And these are the things you should focus your time and energy on if you want to improve your game.

The 7 Eternal Truths of Great Golf

play golf one shot at a time

1. Play Golf One Shot At A Time
Easier said than done, but if there’s one secret to play your best golf it’s staying present for every single shot. If you don’t dwell in the past or let your mind drift into the future you’ll have the best chances to stay focused and execute your best golf swing.

If you think about it your lowest scores probably happened when you were focused and stayed in the present. This “place” is commonly known as “the zone” in sports.

be realistic about your golf game

2. Be Realistic And Don’t Beat Yourself Up
If you know what to expect from your game, there’s no need to beat yourself up. Always focus on the highlights after each round but also acknowledge mistakes. More often than not golfers expect of themselves to play at a professional.

In reality golf’s a game of margins and percentages. You don’t master your golf swing from one moment to the next but improve steadily if you practice your skills deliberately, intelligently and consistently.

find a mentor

3. Find A Mentor To Help You On Your Way
There are professional players who claim to have never taken a lesson in their lifetime. Nevertheless they probably still had a mentor that guided them on their way. Find someone who can help you organize and evaluate your progress on and off the course.

A fresh perspective from someone who knows what he’s talking about can make all the difference – that’s especially true for improving your golf swing or other aspects of your game.

set realistic goals

4. Set Major But Realistic Goals
If you have something you can work your way towards and measure your results against you’ll improve way faster than if you’re just trying to improve for the sake of doing things.

set milestones

5. Break Your Goals Into Smaller Milestones
Always work on the weakest part of your game. If your problem is three putts tackle that problem first with some drills, and deliberate practice until you got that base covered. Than move on to the next milestone. If you are all over the place with your practice your results will be too.

challenge yourself

6. Develop A Plan And Challenge Yourself
If you want to improve your game you need to stay focused. Think about when you actually got the time to practice your game. Do you practice alone or with a coach? Always set goals for each practice sessions and challenge yourself. E.g. making 10 putts in a row or hitting your seven iron on target 7 out of 10 times.

notice your habits

7. Notice Your Own Habits And Adjust
You must be able to evaluate your own game from a distance. What usually frustrates, bores or distracts you? Golf’s always played by you, not your golfclubs, your coach or anybody else. If you mess up don’t blame anybody else, readjust and try better next time. That’s the way to success.

That Was a Mouthful

You probably noticed that none of these tips had anything to do with how you are supposed to swing your golf clubs.

And that’s exactly the reason why most golfers aren’t able to break a 100. Good golf is not about a tiny little secret but about a million seperate things that add up. Only with the right attitude and the right information you will be able to improve and play your best golf.

Here’s What You Can Do Now To Start Improving Your Golf Swing

I’ll provide you with a lot of great, free golf instruction here. If you’re just starting out with playing golf I suggest you check out the beginner’s guide to golf. This guide will teach you some golf swing basics and get’s you up to speed so you can start playing the game immediately.

If you are already playing for some time and looking to improve your game, check out the blog. There you’ll find a lot of no-nonsense ideas to improve your long-game, short game, mental game and more.

If you are a more serious player check out the 120 Timeless Golf Lessons. It provides you with 120 effective exercises to uncover your golf swing for longer and straighter shots.

I also encourage you to subscribe to the free newsletter for even more golf swing secrets. You’ll also receive a free e-book and weekly worksheets to improve your game even faster.

If you find Good at Golf useful don’t hesitate to share in the comments section or via twitter or e-mail I’m always glad to hear from students that play better golf because of my information.

Good game and go hit some!


Founder of Good at Golf and

author of 120 Timeless Golf Lesson

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