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14 Clubs – Extremely Fun Golf Format

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This is another fun variety of a regular scramble. 14 Clubs is a fun little game that makes you think about how to attack the course and use your clubs in different ways. You play a regular scramble in teams of two. The kicker is that each team is only allowed to use 14 clubs total and that each club can be used only once on each hole (even the putter).

So you are basically playing out of one bag which you can actually do. You can also remove all but seven clubs from each bag. You are not allowed to take multiple clubs of the same kind with you (no multiple putters or drivers). This way you have to think about your club selection and your course management before every shot you take.

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And that is exactly what you should experience with this little game. Because you alternate with your partner and probably have to use different clubs than during your normal rounds, you will think more about your options than you would normally do. This is especially true around the green. Because your team is allowed to use the putter just one time on each hole, you will make your approaches count more.

If your team uses all fourteen clubs on one hole, a special rule applies. Then and only then the team has to use a fall back club that is being chosen by the opposite team. Your team has to use that club for the rest of the hole. That could happen on the long Par 5s or when your team had to take some penalty strokes for example.

After some holes you will probably know the strengths of each player which makes the club selection easier. If you or your partner are good with the fairway woods, you should not waste those clubs for shots you can make in other ways.

  • Play a scramble two vs. two. Each team is allowed 14 clubs.
  • Each club can be used just once on each hole by your team.
  • If all 14 clubs have been used, the opposite team chooses a fall back club that has to be used for the rest of the hole.
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