With a win at The Masters as well as The US Open this year it’s no wonder that young Jordan Spieth (official PGA player profile) got the title of PGA Tour Player of the Year in 2015.

So what exactly makes the 22-year-old such a dominant force on the links?

Is it raw talent alone? Here are three golf tips every player can learn from Spieth to use for his own game.

Prepare Like A Pro To Play Like A Champ

This is one of those golf tips nobody wants to hear.

How many times do you see somebody arrive at the course five minutes before his tee time – later wondering why he played a shabby round.

Golf is a lot about feel and if you don’t get into the groove you won’t be able to perform your best.

This is a simple truth many a player seems to forget or ignore. Here’s how Jordan Spieth prepares for his tournament rounds and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try the same for you.

  • Jordan’s pre-round warm-up routine starts 75 minutes before his tee time. He begins with putting – doing his putting drill from different distances towards the hole.
  • 15 minutes later he’s off to the range starting his warm up with hitting wedges and pitch shots. Then going through his bag towards the longer irons, hybrids, woods and finally his driver.
  • 25 minutes before his tee time he does a couple of chip shots and bunker blasts.
  • Finally he finishes his warm up with a couple of putts again – just before heading to the first tee.

Here’s a short video that summarizes his routine for you.

75 minutes of preparation may be a little too much for you. Especially if you just want to play a round with your buddies. But you should definitely think about what you want to do before a round and be deliberate about it. It will show on your score card – for sure!

I think the most important fact to notice here is that he does about 50 percent of his warm up shots from 100 yards in.

Short game is king! Especially at the highest level of golf. Don’t forget your putting, chipping and pitching before you hit the course. It will save your score when you find yourself around the green.

Jordan Spieth Putting Drill

During his warm up you can see Spieth using an alignment stick while on the putting green. This is an easy drill to set up and you should try it for yourself. It helps with alignment, your putting stroke and your overall setup.

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All you need to do, is to put down an alignment stick (You can also use a golf club … but an alignment stick is less clunky.) parallel to your intended target line. You can also use a couple of tees to mark different distances from the hole and the width of your intended putting stroke.

With this guide it should be easy for you to see if your setup is parallel towards your target line and if you move the putter squarely through the ball.

I really like the simplicity of this drill and the visual feedback it provides. In the end putting is a lot more about visuals and feel than most people think.

Here’s a short video by Peter Finch that explains the drill step-by-step to you. The great thing is you can even use it indoors just putting into a cup.


Eliminate Your Bad Tee Shot

Every golfer has a swing tendency which comes with a big miss.

Beginners usually struggle with a big slice while better players fear the duck hook or the block.

If you know your swing tendency you can use small changes in your setup and your grip to make it less likely to hit your big miss.

In this short video Hank Haney explains how Jordan eliminates the hook from his tee shots.

The 4 Key-Moves Jordan Spieth Uses To Control His Tee Shots

  • Weak left-hand grip to prevent the clubface from turning over too much = no hook
  • Left elbow bent at the top of his swing, not rigid
  • His hands and arms lead the club through the shot
  • Jordan Spieth keeps his upper body back and extends his arms through the shot


What do you think is the secret to Jordan Spieth's success?

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