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Welcome to Good-at-Golf.com

Greg - Founder of Good at Golf and Author of 120 Timeless Golf LessonsMy name is Gregor but let’s stick with Greg.

With my non nonsense approach I do everything to get my students’ handicaps and my own to a positive number.

I personally think that a clear focus on the fundamentals like grip, aim, stance and posture is the shortest way to good golf.

This is why I don’t like fancy training aids or the newest swing trends or secrets. There are no short cuts but there is a clear path you can walk on.

I wasn’t always that much into golf. In fact I came relatively late to the table. When I was in school I never was the sporty fit guy. I pretty much was just average all the time.

When I was younger I injured my left knee several times playing soccer and other sports.

I used this injury later as an excuse for not doing any sport at all which you might guess didn’t do me any good.

But somehow I got into martial arts. I was fascinated by Bruce Lee. His character, his story, his martial arts – everything.

So one day I joined a local martial arts club. I started working out there two times a week regularly.

At first I was freaked out because I couldn’t keep up with the other members. But I kept at it and slowly but surely improved.

This experience taught me first hand that Andy Warhol was right with saying that eighty percent of success is simply showing up.

And today I’m glad I did this step, not only because I’m fit but also because I learned so much about my self and what I’m able to do if I just keep at it. What does that have to do with golf, you may ask. Well, quite a lot actually.

Golf’s easy – not really

Me doing a little chip shot.Fast forward to when I finally tried the game of golf for the first time. A local golf course opened its doors to everybody to try it for free. I thought it would be a nice idea to go with my parents spending some time together.

After I managed to actually hit a couple of balls that flew farther than I could throw them I got immediately hooked. So right then I developed a love for the game. I bought all the books I could find and took some lessons.

I soaked everything up like a sponge. One day I had Ben Hogans book with me which our local golf coach noticed. From this day onward he called me Ben. Of course it was just fun but flattering none the less.

Also several of the other students began to ask me about tips because my swing “looked nice” – in their opinion. ( It didn’t! ;-) ) I just managed to hit some balls flush by sheer luck. So although I had really no idea what I was talking about at the time I reluctantly told them what I thought.

Somehow I had and have a talent to soak up a lot of knowledge and condense it down to bite size chunks which other people find easy to understand.

Golf’s hard – but fun

Greg - Founder of Good at Golf and Author of 120 Timeless Golf LessonsI started to golf on my own and went cross golfing with some friends now and again.

After I went regularly I pretty soon found my own limits and stopped  improving after my first successes. Then I freaked out and tried to find the secret. I tried every golf tip I could find and nothing seemed to work.

Finally I came to my senses and realized that I was at the same point again that I was years ago when I was starting out with martial arts. I stopped looking for the secret and simply showed up again.

I made a step-by-step plan for myself to improve over time instead of over night. My first goal was to break 100. Which soon enough I did. Just by following the plan and working on things one at a time.

I think that’s really key to understand if you want to improve: golf is a process. There’s no way to break the system, find shortcuts or anything. There’s just a way. And that’s the beauty of it.

Just golf

Greg - Founder of Good at Golf and Author of 120 Timeless Golf LessonsI created this blog to share all the things that work for my students and myself.

I think it’s great to see other people improve and having the same aha-moments you had before. It shows that we are all on the same path.

I already shared many of my thoughts in my book “120 Timeless Golf Lessons” which features 120 effective execises to improve every aspect of your game.

If you read all my rambling this far I want to thank you for your time and for taking a look at my blog. If you want to stay in touch feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed or newsletter. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube too.

Good game and go hit some!


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