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Only Aces – Great Putting Game

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Do you marvel at the consistency with which professional golfers make difficult putts, when they need to? You can do the same. In fact you can and should practice specifically for those moments. If you want to understand pressure putting you have to putt under pressure, obviously.

The following exercise helps you to putt under pressure and is a lot of fun, too. Get on the putting green with a friend . Each of you positions himself next to a hole. They should not be too far apart from each other and there mustn’t be anybody between the two holes.

Each of you takes a ball and aims for the hole of his partner. The trick is that you have to putt at the same time. You only get a point when you ace it. If both of you miss, you use the ball of your partner for the next try. You can place clubs behind your hole to block balls that would roll too far. If one of you two manages to make a hole-in-one he gets a point and you change positions.

The added pressure of each of you putting at the same time will make you feel like you have to rush your putts. Do not let that feeling get to you. Stick to your routine and keep your focus. The competition makes it fun and teaches you a lot about pressure putting at the same time.

Try to play for 3 to 5 points for each round, then change to a new pair of holes. You will be surprised which miracle putts you will be able to make during this exercise. Which teaches you what is possible.

  • Practice with a friend on the putting green.
  • Each of you positions himself next to a hole.
  • The holes should be opposite to each other with no one in-between.
  • Putt at the same time. Only aces count.
  • Switch after each hole in one.
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