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Learning how to play golf can be a very daunting task. There is so much to learn like the rules of the game, the proper technique or why you need 14 clubs in your golf bag anyway. The language of golf alone can be confusing to a newcomer. After reading this guide you will be talking about birdies, gimmes, bogeys, slices and draws yourself. This free guide will give you direction through your first steps into the new and exciting world of golf. In the following parts we will cover all the basics of golf. Everything you need to know to start enjoy playing the game.

Part 1 – Try before you buy

Try before your buy! I suggest that you try the game of golf first hand to find out if it is something for you. There are many ways to try the game. In this article you’ll find some suggestions to what you can do to simply start playing without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time.

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Part 2 – Having a Plan

Have a plan!Knowing why you are playing golf and how much you want to improve is important. If you want to learn golf you want to enjoy the process. Right?

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Part 3 – Theory of the Full Golf Swing

Proper TechniqueIn this third part of the beginner’s guide to good golf we take a look at some of the most important theories a beginning golf should understand to improve fast and enjoy the game.

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Part 4 – Technique of the Full Golf Swing

Swing it! The fourth part of this guide describes important aspects of the full swing regarding a good technique. Especially having a good golf grip, what to do with the wrists, swing planes of the golf swing, posture, alignment and timing.

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Part 5 – Short Game / Putting

puttingThis part describes everything you need to know about the game within the game – putting. If you want to play golf you must know how to handle putts and what to look out for on the green.

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Part 6 – Short Game / Pitching, Chipping, Bunker Shots

shortgame The second part of the short game chapter will introduce you to all the neccessary techniques you will need to get the ball close to the pin from 100 yards and in. We’ll take a closer look at chipping, pitching and bunker shots.

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