Beginner’s Guide to Golf Part 1 – Try before you buy!

If you have never tried golf before the best tip is simply to go out there and put your hands on a golf club yourself. In this golf guide I suggest some of the easiest ways to try golf without any hassle. Most people have at least played some mini golf or played golf in a computer game. If you want to try the real thing there are several ways to do so.

Ask a golfing friend

golf_friendsThe easiest way to get into golf is to ask a friend who’s already a golfer. If you have a golfing buddy he or she probably already has his or her own equipment and could show you a trick or two. So don’t be shy to ask a friend if you want to get into the game. Most golfers would be glad to help you with your first steps and hit your first golf balls with you. A good idea would be to practice a bit on the practice tee and than simply go play a couple of holes on a course that is open for everybody. Most golf courses have some short practice holes that are ideal for beginners to whack away and try the game.

Lessons and Golf Clinics

golf_clinicsMost golf clubs offer golf clinics on a regular basis. During these training courses a professional golf teacher will teach a group of people the game of golf. They are usually not very expensive and a good way to take a look. Because you probably don’t have your own equipment yet you can usually lend everything you need in the club or training facility. Sometimes some lend equipment is even included for beginners trying out the game. Just do a quick search in google and google maps to find a golf course near you and give them a call. If you don’t like the group atmosphere which is usually a great way to start golfing you could also take a private lesson with a local instructor. They are always glad to help out new players because they are usually their favourite students.

Cross Golf

cross_golfCross golf is playing golf off of a golf course without the official rules and usually limited equipment (e.g. only one club). The easiest way is to get some cheap old clubs on ebay or amazon, get together with a couple of friends and have some fun times. Be sure to pick a place where you can’t hit other people and property. Safety first is the number one rule in cross golf and golf. Take a look around you before you swing away. Also there are softer balls which don’t fly as far as normal golf balls and can’t damage your surroundings. These are ideal for playing cross golf. Make up your own rules and have fun.

In the next part we take a look at the importance of having a plan and clear goals: read on →