Beginner’s Guide to Golf Part 2 – Why you Should Have a Plan!

Maybe you’ve held a golf club a couple of times now. Maybe you even tried some of the tips from part 1 of the beginner’s guide. If you want to learn more you should most definitely:

Have a Plan

golf_planEverybody wants to play golf for different reasons. Some want to play recreational golf on the weekends. Some like the competition and want to win tournaments. What do you want? Why do you want to learn golf? You have to be clear about your goals to learn effectively. If you only like the social aspects of the game a couple of lessons and some patient friends may be all you need. If you want to grow fast you can find a lot of top level instruction out there. So plan ahead how much time and money you want to invest to achieve your goals. If you are starting out something like breaking 100 (having a total score below 100 after 18 holes) or being able to play a 18 holes without shooting a ball out of bounds seems like a good idea.

Refine your Goals Step by Step

golf_goalsI’m all for aiming high but if you want to achieve your goals set some milestones. E.g. if you are a total beginner and want to break 80 and play winning golf you probably have to break 90 and 100 first. So go for your goals step by step. This way you won’t be discouraged and see your own improvement on a constant level. Also have some time frames in mind. If you are learning with a deadline you will be more focused and know if you have to pick it up or if you are even ahead of your plan.

Find a Teacher You Actually Like

golf_teacherIf you begin to take lessons don’t be shy to try different teachers in your local area. You will learn a lot more if you connect with your teacher. Of course you want someone who is knowledgeable and able to formulate and show his thoughts in an understandable fashion. But you also want someone who fits to your own personality. Do you need someone who is laid back or someone who can kick some butt?
Try then decide.

Stick to the Fundamentals

golf_fundamentalsBe  a smart golfer and stick to the fundamentals. There are no secrets in golf although many people are looking for one. The fundamentals of golf technique are grip, aiming, stance, posture (GASP). When you have an understanding of those focus on your swing path and work on the 4 main areas of golf. Long game, short game, mental game and fitness. With these areas in mind you will improve fast and not waste any time.

With a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. You can start to work on technique: read on →