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Bingo Bango Bongo – Interesting Golf Format

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This is another great game to play with your friends. Although you are ultimately playing against yourself in golf, I am a strong believer that golf is a social sport and should be practiced and played that way. This is another fun game that leaves your individual handicaps aside.

The most important fact is that all players play in the order described by the official rules of golf. You play a normal round of golf, but for each hole there are three points to score in total:

  • One point goes to the player who lands on the green first.
  • One point goes to the player whose ball is nearest to the pin after all players have reached the green.
  • One point goes to the player who holes out first.

On Par 3 holes you can decide to cut the first point because of onesided advantages.

The fun part of Bingo Bango Bongo is, how dynamic the game is and how it develops over a couple of holes. The person who reaches the green first does not necessarily earn the other points, too. Maybe one of your friends will focus on the points that are awarded for nearest to the pin and rake in his points this way. That is what I like about these kind of games.

The rigid tournament style of play fades into the background and the fun and social aspects of the game can be seen and experienced.

  • Play a round of golf with your friends.
  • All players play in order as described by the official rules of golf.
  • Points are awarded to each player as described in the list above.
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