3 Tips To Start Your New Golf Season Strong In 2015

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When chilly weather is the understatement of the year and your hands feel like they might fall off any minute before you've even grabbed a golf club some of us can only look out of the window and dream in anticipation to go out and play, or can we? Well I think quite the opposite is the truth for the colder season of the year. If you play your cards right winter could be even the most productive time of the year for your golf time. Why, you're asking? Well, good question. Wintertime is practice time. First [...]

Golf Swing Secrets Of The Greats – Tom Watson

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Image of Tom Watson chip in used by permission of Tony Roberts ©Tony Roberts, All Rights Reserved www.tonyrobertsphotography.com When we are talking about grace and staying true to the game it doesn’t get any better than Tom Watson. Thomas Sturges Watson was born in September 4, 1949 and is still one of the most iconic golfers of our time. With 71 professional victories and 8 major titles he was one of the few players who challenged Jack Nicklaus in his prime years. Their head-to-head battles made golf history and held everybody in awe. One of the most dramatic and [...]

The Holiday Gift Guide For Golfers 2014

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Oh my, another year went by and It’s my favorite time of the year again! Christmas is coming closer and closer and people are rushing to get gifts for their friends and family. If you are looking for new toys to give to a serious golfer you don't have to look any further. I've compiled all the best holiday gifts for golfers of 2014 for you all in one place. So check out the latest and greatest in new golf technology. I've hand selected the top 10 products that are sure to please any type of golfer, from novice [...]

You Don’t Have to be Tiger Woods to Learn Something From His New Coach Chris Como

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As of late there has been a lot of buzz around Tiger again. In late August Tiger parted ways with his recent swing coach Sean Foley saying "I'd like to thank Sean for his help as my coach and for his friendship (...)". Then there was the debacle about the fake interview by Dan Jenkins on Golf Digest which even triggered a response from a slightly annoyed Tiger. And finally this November Tiger announced via twitter that he will be working together with Chris Como having him as his new swing consultant. Notice that he says Como [...]

Master Your Golf Swing – 6 Lessons to Practice Like a Pro

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WHACK! There goes Jasons first ball of the day curving way to the right shooting almost off the range. Shaking his head he pulls up another one and... WHACK! This one goes low and straight to the left. "Well, better not still not my best golf swing." he thinks to himself. So he goes on hitting golf balls one after the other while he gets more and more tense because expecting that he can do better. It's almost time to tee it off. "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get a practice session in just before hitting [...]

David vs. Goliath – Fun and Easy Golf Format

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A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! In golf you are always playing against yourself and the golf course. But let‘s face it, all golfers are influenced by other golfers, team mates and opponents alike. So dealing with your own feelings when playing has a big influence on your game. This becomes especially true when you are facing a player that is significantly better than you and is even cocky about it. Situations like this are great lessons to learn about yourself and your game. When you are up against a tough competitor, there are two things to [...]

Broom Broom Broomstick – Long Game Golf Lesson

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A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! It is funny how working away from the course using every day items can help you to improve your golf swing. It is somehow counter-intuitive how not hitting any balls can actually help you make better contact. Many people believe that beating balls is a great thing to groove their swing. There are other people who think and talk about how they want to improve their swing with dedicated practice. But in the end they are hitting one ball after the other on the [...]

Miss The Forest For The Trees – How To Shape Your Shots

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A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! Hopefully you have already worked on shaping your shots before. I think even beginners can learn a lot about swing mechanics, if they just try to curve some balls into different directions for some time. The classic situation for a hook or a slice you can read about in many golf books is being in front of a tree. Although you are very rarely inthose situations and most players are better off by just chipping the ball into a better position, this is ideal [...]

Pitching to Targets – Improve Your Pitch Shots Fast

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A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! Time and again people seem to forget that golf is a target game, when they are practising. They get in a rut and work on the mechanics of their swing or specific positions they want to go through or hold. That is okay to some extent, but not, if that is all you are doing when you are practicing. The following exercise is great to hone your skill to always think of targets when you are pitching. There are a lot of strokes to [...]

Assessment Center – Mental Game Golf Lesson

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A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! More often enough you can see some people on the practice tee that are getting more and more frustrated with their game as they are doing  their thing. Hopefully you are not one of those people. It is useful to know where this frustration is coming from, though. It is likely that most of those players do not actually know the root of their own frustration. I think it stems from their expectations. They think they are able to perform great shots consistently because they where able to [...]

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