Breaking 100 – Get on the Green from 50 Yards in – On Your First Try!

PGA Tour players If ranked in the top 50 of short game statistics will get the ball up and down 90 to 100 percent of the time. Golfers who are struggling to break 100 are more in the less than 10 percent area or doing even worse. If you up that percentage you are well on your way to breaking 100. Accelerate Through the Ball With Firm Wrists If you want to hit solid wedge shots you must basically strip down your motion to its roots and make a connected swing with your arms and body. Most beginning golfer’s [...]

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Breaking 100 – Reduce the Number of Your Three Putts Drastically

If you are still struggling with breaking 100 than reducing the number of three putts you have during a round is usually the place where you can shave of strokes the fastest and most consistent way. Putts should usually make up a maximum of 40 percent of your total score. So if you want to be below 100 you shouldn’t use more than 39 putts per round. Of course you have to keep track to know where you are at. So if you haven’t been writing down your putts lately just reserve a column on your scorecard to do [...]

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Keys to Breaking 100 – Keeping the Ball in Play

If you are a beginning golfer and still struggle with breaking 100 consistently there's one thing you should always keep in the back of your mind. And that is: Keep the ball in play! According to statistics by golfTec you only need to hit two fairways per round to break 100. That might not seem like a lot, because it isn’t. On the other hand if your remaining 16 tee shots are flying out of bounds, deep into the rough (never to be found again), or directly into the water hazard you won’t make this statistic. Reducing those penalty [...]

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