Why Tiger Woods Sucks And What You Can Learn From His Struggle

Tiger Woods missed the cut of the 115th US Open this year with an aggregated score of 156 after the first two rounds. This was the highest 36-hole score by Woods at a major championship yet. He struggles. He really struggles hard to find his game. Meanwhile the media goes totally bonkers tearing their former superstar apart. Comments like "He's done!", "He should quit golf!", "He'll never win a tournament, above all a major, again!" are common. It's the old media game. People cheer you on when you are winning but clap the loudest when you are down. It's interesting [...]

Golf Swing Secrets Of The Greats – Seve Ballesteros

There’s a story that comes from Billy Foster, Seve Ballesteros’ one-time caddy. Once on the golf course at Wentworth Seve knocked his approach shot through the back of a green. This left him with a seemingly impossible lie to recover from. Seve had no green to work with because the flag stick was also positioned in the back. With this challenge at hand Billy turned to Seve and asked him “What do you think?” Seve answered “No problem, I will hit the flag.”. Billy thought this would be a very risky play because hitting the flagstick could deflect the [...]

The History of Irish Golf

Officially, The Golfing Union of Ireland was founded on 12th October 1891 and is the oldest Golfing Union in the world. Coincidentally, the Ladies Golfing Union of Ireland was later created in 1893 and is the oldest ladies golfing union in the world. Golf Courses The history of Golf in Ireland dates back to the mid 1800’s. With the initial plans to build a course in 1852, the Royal Curragh, which was finally established in 1858 is Irelands oldest golf course and was built on the grounds on an army barracks. A quick look at some of Irelands oldest [...]

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National Golf Day 2013 – Golf is More Than Just a Game

Golf is way more than just a game. The sport provides 2 million American people with a job and a living. On April 16, 2013 the WE ARE GOLF coalition will meet with Members of Congress during the sixth annual National Golf Day to share stories and data about golf’s diverse businesses, employees, tax revenue creation, tourism and charitable benefits, and environmental leadership. You are invited to share your own opinion and stories via twitter using the hashtag #iamgolf A snapshot of the information that will be shared with the Members of Congress includes: Economic Benefits of Golf: Golf [...]

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The 4 Learning Styles and How They Apply to Golf Instruction

According to David A. Kolb (an American educational theorist) there are four destinct learning styles. People tend to grasp new concepts and ideas best with one of these four learning styles (see also: Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development by David A. Kolb). If you know which of these styles fits your personality you can learn new things easier. You can also use this knowledge to your advantage if you are a teacher. This applies to learning golf as well, of course. As there are so many different approaches to learning the game out there [...]

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Lee Westwood – Q&A at WGC-Accenture Matchplay 2013

Lee Westwood answers fan questions at the Accenture Matchplay 2013 in a google+ hangout. He even spills the beans about his practice routine and how he divides his practice up between long game, short game etc. Talking about some great drills on how to improve your chipping, his favourite Ryder Cup partner, his personal best shot and much more. Check it out!

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What To Do to Win a Major Championship – Do you have to start young?

What does it take to win a Major Championship in Golf? Well, obviously first of all a lot of talent. And also a lot of practice as it turns out. All players who won one of the big four started to golf at a very young age. But do you actually have to start that young if you want to be a professional player? In this article we take a closer look at these questions. Winning a Major Championship always seems like the ultimate goal for professional players. What's fascinating is that players that haven't won a Major for [...]

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The Ball Flight Laws of Golf

The ball flight laws  belong to the basic knowledge every dedicated golfer should know inside out. If you know and understand the ball flight laws of golf you always have an idea what to work on when facing mishits. Just because you know how your club produced a specific reaction at impact. In general the ball just reacts to the club. The clubface can be closed, open or square at impact while swinging in-to-out, out-to-in or in-to-square-to-in. The following illustration shows this in detail. Whenever you are dealing with a specific ball flight pattern you can decode what could [...]

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