The Zen Of Playing Golf

Bobby Jones, the famous cofounder of the Masters Tournament, said it all! "Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course... the space between your ears."   You can hear it ringing in your ears all the time on and off the course. Golf is as much about mental strength as it is a game of skill. When it comes to the average weekend warrior this is only partly true though. The average golfer in general has so much to improve techniquewise that willpower alone won't and can't make the shots happen that he needs and [...]

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4 Shots You Need To Play Your Best Round Of Golf

More often than not people get obsessed with the tiny details of their golf swing and never really start to focus on their game. Fortunately that won't be you if you use some of your practice time on each of following four shots. These are the golf shots that hold your game together and keep your scores low. And despite all the fuss about the longest drive or nearest to the pin ego trips - the game of golf is still about who has the lowest score after 18 holes? If you can focus your practice time equally on [...]

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5 Tips For More Consistency You Might Not Have Heard Yet

Consistency is key to shoot low scores and also one of the parts most golfers struggle with. Usually the root causes for inconsistency aren't the tiny details in their swing people are tinkering with. Working on major body angles like the spine angle, shoulder turn and lower body can yield big rewards. Here are five quick tips that might be new to you to make your golf swing more consistent. Try them and I bet you will hit the ball more solidly and straighter. #1 - Keep Your Eyes Level For Better Ball Striking Here's Rory McIlroy as [...]

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Golf Swing Secrets Of The Greats – Seve Ballesteros

There’s a story that comes from Billy Foster, Seve Ballesteros’ one-time caddy. Once on the golf course at Wentworth Seve knocked his approach shot through the back of a green. This left him with a seemingly impossible lie to recover from. Seve had no green to work with because the flag stick was also positioned in the back. With this challenge at hand Billy turned to Seve and asked him “What do you think?” Seve answered “No problem, I will hit the flag.”. Billy thought this would be a very risky play because hitting the flagstick could deflect the [...]

Keep Your Head Down – Truth About The Oldest Myth In Golf

The advice to keep your head down rings in so many ears on golf courses all over the world that one might think that it is a fundamental of golf. But depending on your swing and how you interpret the advice trying to keep your head down can actually do more harm than good for your game. Let’s take a closer look at the oldest cliché in golf and when and how it could be actually useful to you. What You Will Learn Why people think it’s important to keep their head down during the golf swing [...]

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Simon Says – Very Entertaining Golf Format

A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! Routine is one of the most important aspects of good golf. I am stressing this fact a lot. But there is also another side to the coin. Many players are getting in a rut and are doing the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of trying new things to break out of their habits, they think that they just did not practice enough. But with doing what they have done before, they are very unlikely to get away from their plateau. The idea behind this whole book is to [...]

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3 Death Moves You Must Avoid if You Want to Play Consistently

There are certain moves in a golf swing that can be seen universally on all driving ranges of the planet - death moves that can wreck anybodies game. Most often these moves occur with golfers who rely on learning the game by feel alone. Unfortunately the golf swing needs different moves and timing compared to other sports. Golf is similar enough to other racket sports so players tend to rely on their experience or what feels right to them. But the golf swing needs a different approach in many ways to produce consistent, accurate golf shots. Let’s talk about [...]

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The Secret is in the Dirt – How to Dig it Out

Hitting greens in regulation is always a good feeling. The key to doing so is a good long game, of course. If you improve your contact by learning how to make the right kind of divot with a square clubface you'll be on the right track. Ben Hogan coined the phrase that you got to dig your game out of the dirt. It was not only a comment about the importance of taking the proper divot but also about the importance of practice. This blog post is all about how to dig it out of the dirt - improving [...]

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The Proper Way to Focus – How to Prepare Your Mind for the Shot

You can hit golf balls until your hands are bloody. You can work on your technique until dawn. But you will only be able to access everything you learned if you are mentally prepared for your shots when it counts. Being strong mentally doesn’t have to do much with physical talent. Every professional golfer and amateur can only play to their full ability by being mentally tough. Basically everybody has to find their own way to gain access to the hightest level of concentration. This mental place where there’s no time, no goal and no swing thoughts - only [...]

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Perfect Technique – Sang-Moon Bae Golf Swing Analysis

Sang-Moon Bae is from South Korea and was born 21 June 1986. He got some media attention because of his win at the HP Byron Nelson Championship in May 2013. He beat Keegan Bradley by two strokes winning his first PGA Tour event. His main source of golf education was taking lessons from his 18-handicap mother and watching YouTube clips of Tiger Woods and Adam Scott. Today he has one of the best looking swings on the Tour. During his time in South Korea, he had no professional instruction and little competition until he turned pro at age 18. [...]

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