Against The Clock – What To Do Just Before Your Tee Time

If you rush out of the car directly onto the first tee than you chances for shooting a great score are greatly diminished. It’s not enough to arrive just on time. Better to show up early for a warm up to get hot. Most Tour players get to the course about 90 minutes before their tee time. Most likely that’s a little too early for the average amateur. Ideally you should plan at least 30 minutes of pure warm up time. So if you are 45 minutes early you should have enough time to switch into your gear and [...]

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Know Thyself – What Type Of Golfer Are You

To appreciate your own strength and weaknesses helps to find your best way. So the question to ask is - What type of player am I actually? - What do I expect from my swing and my game? I think there are basically three major categories of golfers: the power golfer, the technique golfer and the creative feel golfer. Every one of those golfers utimately wants to hit the ball far and on target. So how does each of those types accomplish their goal? The Power Golfer The power golfer tries to accelerate the clubhead by using sheer force. [...]

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Want to Drive it Long and Straight? – How to Rid Yourself of That Slice!

Many golfers suffer from a severe slice especially when they are taking the big stick out of their bag. If you are one of those golfers you’ll be glad to hear that the drill described in this article might be the cure for your problems. Getting rid of your slice with your driver and gaining a couple of yards of distance - sounds like a good deal, right? How to Do it The drill is designed to let you find the ideal swingpath, coming from the inside almost automatically. You’ll also learn how to generate a flatter swing plane [...]

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12 Easy Tips to Play Golf With Style and Enjoy it More

Firstly, I’m guessing that if you’re reading this then you're not one of those lucky so-and-so’s who get paid a bucket load of cash to do what a handful of us attempt to do every weekend…GOLF! Golf is by no means a simple sport, but there are a number of ways to help you play (or at least look) like you know what you’re doing. Here are 18 tips that let you enjoy the game a little more: 1. Look the part Dress yourself with a nice golf shirt, golf hat, smart trousers and a cool pair of shades. [...]

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