Start the Right Way – Build a Good Takeaway for a Great Golf Swing

If your first movements are wrong you can be almost sure to produce a bad swing! A good grip and a solid athletic setup are the foundation of a good golf swing. Everything you are doing right before you are starting your swing you don't have to correct during the swing. That's why a proper start is one of the most important keys to longer and straighter shots. There are many ways to mess your swing up early. The most common fault you can find with many golfers is when they takeaway their club too much to the inside [...]

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Golf Myths – Myth #4 Keep Your Left Arm Straight

The golf swing tip to keep your left arm straight is almost as old as to keep your head down. There are multiple opinions about keeping your left arm straight. Well, as always the truth lies in the details. There's definetely many wrong ways to swing your golf club even if you keep your left arm straight e.g. taking your arms too far away from your body. On the other hand bending your arms too much usually leads to too much swaying motion with the upper body or a swing plane that's too steep. So what to do [...]

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Spin it! – How to Put Backspin on the Golf Ball

The tour players do it all the time. They put so much spin on the ball that their approaches roll back after they hit the ground. They can even do it with their normal iron shots, too. These shots do not just look cool, but are also valuable tools to work the ball. For example you can aim behind the target and let it spin back, which might give the player an advantage. Many golfers marvel at these kind of shots, but never actually tried to perform them themselves. With a little bit of deliberate practice you can do it too. You [...]

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State of Mind – Use a Pre-Shot Routine to Unlock Your Short Game

Many golfers seem to have a problem with their short game. I don't even mean this in terms of their technique. It seems to be more of a mental problem that gets stronger and stronger the closer they get to the golf hole. Is this you? This syndrome mustn't be a physical problem. Topping the ball or hitting it fat during a chip or pitch is often related to a wrong motion of the wrists. But the question you should be asking yourself is – Have you used your wrists and hands correctly the day before on the practice [...]

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Chipping Like a Champ

More than often amateur golfers aren't able to chip their ball within 6 feet of the flagstick. Statistically the tour pros sink only 55 percent of their putts from 6 feet away. This means that that it's very likely for most amateur golfers to miss a putt that's even farther away. During a round of golf an average player is confronted with four to five of these chips. Which means you have the possibility to save four to five shots if you are able to chip it close. Unfortunately many average players top their ball or hit the ball [...]

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Golf Myths – Myth #3 Weight Shift is Extremely Important in the Golf Swing

One thing you hear quite often is that it is extremely important to shift your weight in your golf swing. Yes it's true that you should have a weight shift from your backswing to your finish.  Because you are moving your club around your body while turning your hips and shoulders you actually have to shift your weight if you want to do a circular motion. But it may not be as important as you think it is. Weight Shift doesn't Equal Distance In reality there are very few people who actually benefit from focusing on the weight [...]

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Questions you Should Ask your Teaching Pro

There are many good teaching professionals out there. Unfortunately there are also some black sheep. Moreover not every pro and teaching style might be the right one for you. Finding a good teacher can sometimes feel like looking for the needle in the haystack. Here are some questions to get a better feel for the pro and what he's about. Can you relate to the instructor and does he sound positive to you? Does he care? This may seem obvious as you don't want to give money to someone and spend your time with someone you don't [...]

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Beat the Shank with a Simple Trick

One of the most dreaded mis-hits in golf is the shank/socket. The ball is hit with the part of the club where the shaft connects to the clubhead – the hosel. The golf ball bounces away in all kinds of sharp angles. Often the shank comes fast and sudden surprising and frustrating the golfer. Seldomly does he know why the mis-hit happened and in which way he can avoid it. The shank usually means big trouble and bad lies. It sabotages your whole course strategy and lets your feelings run high. Topped pitches are frustrating as well. They usually [...]

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Effective Short Game Training Circuit

This is an excerpt from my new book 120 Timeless Golf Lessons. This effective training circuit (from day 15; page 85) will help you to improve your short game. The book is available on amazon and all major bookdealers. It includes 120 exercises like the following one. To learn more about the book click the link in the main menu. Circuit Training #2 Being calm and focused in the short game area is key. Nothing is more frustrating than turning a birdie opportunity into a bogey or even a double bogey. It happened to me as it probably [...]

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Enjoy the Beach! – How to Lose Your Fear of the Bunker

This is an excerpt from my new book “120 Timeless Golf Lessons”. This exercise (from day 3; page 27) should help you to gain some confidence with bunker shots. The book is available on amazon and all major bookdealers. It includes 120 exercises like the following one. To learn more about the book click the link in the main menu. […]

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