3 Golf Secrets You Can Learn From Jordan Spieth

With a win at The Masters as well as The US Open this year it's no wonder that young Jordan Spieth (official PGA player profile) got the title of PGA Tour Player of the Year in 2015. So what exactly makes the 22-year-old such a dominant force on the links? Is it raw talent alone? Here are three golf tips every player can learn from Spieth to use for his own game. Prepare Like A Pro To Play Like A Champ This is one of those golf tips nobody wants to hear. How many times do you see somebody [...]

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Why Tiger Woods Sucks And What You Can Learn From His Struggle

Tiger Woods missed the cut of the 115th US Open this year with an aggregated score of 156 after the first two rounds. This was the highest 36-hole score by Woods at a major championship yet. He struggles. He really struggles hard to find his game. Meanwhile the media goes totally bonkers tearing their former superstar apart. Comments like "He's done!", "He should quit golf!", "He'll never win a tournament, above all a major, again!" are common. It's the old media game. People cheer you on when you are winning but clap the loudest when you are down. It's interesting [...]

Golf Swing Secrets Of The Greats – Nick Faldo

When Nick Faldo was 14 years old he saw Jack Nicklaus playing at the 1971 Masters on his parents' color tv he was inspired to pick up a golf club himself. Fast forward a couple of years he was a successful British amateur golfer. Only 20 years old he became the youngest player ever to qualify for the Ryder Cup. With all he has achieved in his career, even including a knighthood in 2009, I think the most incredible thing about Faldo is how fast he reached a competitive, professional level. Especially when you consider how late he started [...]

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Golf Swing Secrets Of The Greats – Seve Ballesteros

There’s a story that comes from Billy Foster, Seve Ballesteros’ one-time caddy. Once on the golf course at Wentworth Seve knocked his approach shot through the back of a green. This left him with a seemingly impossible lie to recover from. Seve had no green to work with because the flag stick was also positioned in the back. With this challenge at hand Billy turned to Seve and asked him “What do you think?” Seve answered “No problem, I will hit the flag.”. Billy thought this would be a very risky play because hitting the flagstick could deflect the [...]

Driving With Power – Rickie Fowler Golf Swing Analysis

Rickie Fowler was born December 13th, 1988. Before turning pro he was ranked as the number one amateur golfer for 36 weeks in 2007 and 2008. He won his first PGA Tour Tournament in 2012 defeating Rory McIlroy in a sudden-death playoff at the Wells Fargo Championship. Rickie is known for his very big shoulder turn and unconventional takeaway. Let’s take a closer look. Address Position and Takeaway Rickie Fowler adressing the ball. Rickie Fowler performing his takeaway. At setup you notice that he has some of his weight on the [...]

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“It should feel oily.” – Fred Couples Golf Swing Analysis

Fred "Boom Boom" Couples is one of the golfers that come to mind when you are looking for an effortless golf swing. He was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2013. He was the world no. 1 golfer for a time with his most notable win at the 1992 Masters Tournament. Fred Couples is one of the very few professional golfers who play without a glove. The famous Sam Snead coined the phrase that a golf swing should feel oily. Well, Couples definitely makes it look that way. Let's take a closer look at his swing! [...]

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The Tank – K.J. Choi Golf Swing Analysis

Choi Kyung-ju (aka K.J. Choi) is the internationally most successful golfer from South Korea. He won 18 times already on the PGA tour since his carreer start in 1993. Before K.J. Choi found his passion in golf he was involved in competitive powerlifting. He was able to squat 350 pounds (159 kg) as a 95-pound (43 kg) 13 year-old teenager. This led to his nickname "Tank" as he was called by South Koreans. Let's take a look how he's transferring his power into his golf shots! Address Position and Takeaway K.J. Choi in his Setup Position [...]

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Perfect Ballance – Phil Mickelson Golf Swing Analysis

Phil “Lefty” Mickelson is one of the most iconic golfers of our time. People often say he’s the opposite of Tiger Woods some even say that there are only two kinds of people. They say you can be either a Phil or a Tiger kinda guy. Well today I don’t want to talk about this kind of fan rivalry but take a closer look at the free flowing swing of Phil Mickelson. Phil is always praised for his outstanding short game (rightfully so). But it’s also his swing that led him to win the Masters Tournament three times (2010, [...]

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Great Ball Striking – Brandt Snedeker Golf Swing Analysis

After winning the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am in February 2013, Brandt Snedeker moved to a career high of number four in the world (according to the official world golf ranking). But that's not the only reason we are looking at his swing today. I think Snedekers swing is the perfect thing to model if you are looking for great tempo and building power by swinging from the ground up. Let's take a closer look. Address Position and Takeaway Brandt Snedeker in his textbook address position. Brandt Snedeker with his wide takeaway. [...]

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Good Old Times – Tiger Woods Swing Analysis (2001 Swing)

You can hear it time and again. People romanticising about the good old times of Tiger Woods. The times when Butch Harmon was his coach, the Tiger-Mania was at large and the man himself seemed unstoppable raking in one major after the other. Let's take a look at his swing from 2001. Many people say that his swing was the best during that time period. So obviously there must be a lot to learn here, don't you think? Address Position and Takeaway Tiger Woods address position, 2001 Tiger Woods takeaway, 2001 [...]

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