Speaking of Extraordinary – Jim Furyk Swing Analysis

Jim Furyk is known for two things: Playing well and having an unconventional golf swing. Some people even say that he's playing well despite his unconventional looping golf swing. I think Jim Furyk is a great example that good golf isn't about building the perfect swing but mainly about the ability and talent to get the club back squarely at impact and making the shots when it counts the most. Let's take closer look at his swing. I'm sure their are things to learn here. Address Position and Takeaway Jim Furyk keeping his hands [...]

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Effective Shoulder Turn – Matt Kuchar Swing Analysis

Back in 1998 Matt Kuchar was finishing T-21 in the Masters and T-14 in the U.S. Open as an amateur. People where predicting a bright future for him. Up until today Matt incorporated a lot of changes into his swing which led him to win the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship 2013. Let's take a closer look at his swing and how you may benefit from a big shoulder turn like Matts in your own game. Address Position and Takeaway Matt Kuchar in his address position Matt Kuchar leading with his takeaway. [...]

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Stick Your Approach With the Knock Down Golf Shot

Sticking your approach – even with difficult pin positions: The knock down shot is usually the forst choice of the pros. To attack a tight pin with a regular pitch shot is usually a dangerous situation. Depending on the position of the pin, the condition of the green and the speed of the wind the best chance to stick it close is usually to get the ball to stop on the green as fast as possible. This can basically be achieved by two things: increasing the backspin or reducing the forward motion of the ball after it hits the [...]

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A Golf Swing With Style – Adam Scott Swing Analysis

While working with Butch Harmon as his coach people where saying that Butch was trying to force the swing of Tiger Woods from 2000 on him. Of course there are some similarities and Mr. Harmon definitely teaches his style (e.g. the wide and low takeaway). Nevertheless Adam Scott always had and still has a swing of his own. And what bad can come from using Tigers winning swing as a benchmark anyways, heh? Address Position and Takeaway Everythings square at impact. Adam Scotts takeaway low and slow. Take a [...]

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Where Rory Finds His Power – Rory McIlroy Swing Analysis

Rory McIlroy hits it a mile like Bubba Watson although he's not one of the biggest guys out there at 5-feet-10 and 160 pounds. So it seems to be a good idea to take a closer look at his swing and technique. Besides, his swing is a beauty to look at anyways. His average driving distance is above 300 yards yet his swing seems to be effortless. So let's find out where Rory gets his power from. But first let's watch. Address Position and Takeaway Rory sets up strong behind the ball. McIlroy does [...]

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Lee Westwood – Q&A at WGC-Accenture Matchplay 2013

Lee Westwood answers fan questions at the Accenture Matchplay 2013 in a google+ hangout. He even spills the beans about his practice routine and how he divides his practice up between long game, short game etc. Talking about some great drills on how to improve your chipping, his favourite Ryder Cup partner, his personal best shot and much more. Check it out!

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How to Bomb a Drive Like Bubba – Bubba Watson Swing Analysis

This time around we take a look at Bubba Watson and how he's able to hit the ball as far as he does with the pink driver of his. Maybe you'll learn a trick or two for your own swing. If distance is what you are looking for Bubba surely has some tricks up his sleeve that could add a couple of yards to your own drives. It's no coincidence that his accurate power drives led him to victory in the 2012 Masters. But before we get into the details lets take a look at Bubba hitting [...]

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Play your Age – Play Golf! Don’t Hurt Yourself!

Every sport usually involves intense strain for joints and muscles. Golf makes no difference. That's why a good hard look at your swing can not only help you to play better but also with less stress. It's almost always possible to build a pain free golf swing for any body. It's important to recognise all the parts of your swing that lead to unfavourable stress. Warm Up to Avoid Wear and Tear There's not only one right way to swing the golf club. But there are criteria every good swing should incorporate. Otherwise it lacks distance and accuracy or [...]

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Questions you Should Ask your Teaching Pro

There are many good teaching professionals out there. Unfortunately there are also some black sheep. Moreover not every pro and teaching style might be the right one for you. Finding a good teacher can sometimes feel like looking for the needle in the haystack. Here are some questions to get a better feel for the pro and what he's about. Can you relate to the instructor and does he sound positive to you? Does he care? This may seem obvious as you don't want to give money to someone and spend your time with someone you don't [...]

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How to Tee Off Like a Tour Pro (Excerpt From the Free Book)

This article explains how to tee off like a pro. It  is an excerpt from my free ebook "Seven Great Golf Tips". You can download the book by filling out the form to the right. It includes 6 more tips e.g. "How to Take Your Game From the Range to the Course" or "How to Analyse Your Own Golf Swing Effectively". It’s no secret. The more fairways you are able to hit the better your round will unfold. Hitting those fairways gives you better chances to consequently hit more greens in regulation. Every tee shot decides how your game will unfold on that specific hole. [...]

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