4 Shots You Need To Play Your Best Round Of Golf

More often than not people get obsessed with the tiny details of their golf swing and never really start to focus on their game. Fortunately that won't be you if you use some of your practice time on each of following four shots. These are the golf shots that hold your game together and keep your scores low. And despite all the fuss about the longest drive or nearest to the pin ego trips - the game of golf is still about who has the lowest score after 18 holes? If you can focus your practice time equally on [...]

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3 Golf Secrets You Can Learn From Jordan Spieth

With a win at The Masters as well as The US Open this year it's no wonder that young Jordan Spieth (official PGA player profile) got the title of PGA Tour Player of the Year in 2015. So what exactly makes the 22-year-old such a dominant force on the links? Is it raw talent alone? Here are three golf tips every player can learn from Spieth to use for his own game. Prepare Like A Pro To Play Like A Champ This is one of those golf tips nobody wants to hear. How many times do you see somebody [...]

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Why Tiger Woods Sucks And What You Can Learn From His Struggle

Tiger Woods missed the cut of the 115th US Open this year with an aggregated score of 156 after the first two rounds. This was the highest 36-hole score by Woods at a major championship yet. He struggles. He really struggles hard to find his game. Meanwhile the media goes totally bonkers tearing their former superstar apart. Comments like "He's done!", "He should quit golf!", "He'll never win a tournament, above all a major, again!" are common. It's the old media game. People cheer you on when you are winning but clap the loudest when you are down. It's interesting [...]

5 Tips For More Consistency You Might Not Have Heard Yet

Consistency is key to shoot low scores and also one of the parts most golfers struggle with. Usually the root causes for inconsistency aren't the tiny details in their swing people are tinkering with. Working on major body angles like the spine angle, shoulder turn and lower body can yield big rewards. Here are five quick tips that might be new to you to make your golf swing more consistent. Try them and I bet you will hit the ball more solidly and straighter. #1 - Keep Your Eyes Level For Better Ball Striking Here's Rory McIlroy as [...]

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Keep Your Head Down – Truth About The Oldest Myth In Golf

The advice to keep your head down rings in so many ears on golf courses all over the world that one might think that it is a fundamental of golf. But depending on your swing and how you interpret the advice trying to keep your head down can actually do more harm than good for your game. Let’s take a closer look at the oldest cliché in golf and when and how it could be actually useful to you. What You Will Learn Why people think it’s important to keep their head down during the golf swing [...]

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Broom Broom Broomstick – Long Game Golf Lesson

A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! It is funny how working away from the course using every day items can help you to improve your golf swing. It is somehow counter-intuitive how not hitting any balls can actually help you make better contact. Many people believe that beating balls is a great thing to groove their swing. There are other people who think and talk about how they want to improve their swing with dedicated practice. But in the end they are hitting one ball after the other on the [...]

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Miss The Forest For The Trees – How To Shape Your Shots

A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! Hopefully you have already worked on shaping your shots before. I think even beginners can learn a lot about swing mechanics, if they just try to curve some balls into different directions for some time. The classic situation for a hook or a slice you can read about in many golf books is being in front of a tree. Although you are very rarely inthose situations and most players are better off by just chipping the ball into a better position, this is ideal [...]

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Choke Down – Long Game Golf Lesson

A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! For some shots you choke down on the club, e. g. different chip shots. This is not only necessary for the proper technique, but you gain more control, too. Because your hands are closer to the clubface, it gets easier to control it. Some players like Anthony Kim choke down on all their clubs when doing their full swing. He does so because he learned to play with clubs that where too big for him in his childhood. But he did stick with it throughout his whole career although he [...]

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Pyramid – Long Game Golf Lesson

A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! The question almost every beginning golfer asks is “What do I need fourteen clubs for?”. Most seasoned golfers can probably give an elaborate answer to that question and talk about loft and how different clubs have different purposes. On the other hand they are usually not using all their clubs themselves, not on the range and not on the course, although they have the full equipment. People tend to stick with their favourite clubs once they got comfortable with them. The more clubs you are versatile with, the more shots you [...]

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Circuit Training #3 – Long Game Golf Training Circle

A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! I think circuit training is a great way to improve effectively, not only in golf but every sport. Take a short break of 10 to 15 seconds between exercises and do the cycle at least two times in a row except for the warmup. Of course you can do more rounds if you want to and are not too tired. This time we will focus on technique and strength. You do not need any golf balls and can do this at home. 5 min – Warmup: Loosen up your [...]

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