Golfs Ultimate Hustler – Titanic Thompson

As a major witness at the 1929 Arnold Rothstein murder trial in New York City Alvin Clarence Thomas was asked how he's making a living. The answer:"I play golf occasionally...". This was probably the understatement of the century and a big fat lie on top. The man was known in all states of the USA under his nickname Titanic Thompson. He brought a lot of honest people and a couple of gangsters to bet against him in all ways of imaginable gambles and won most of them. He was one of the most successful con man of his time [...]

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3 Tips To Start Your New Golf Season Strong In 2015

When chilly weather is the understatement of the year and your hands feel like they might fall off any minute before you've even grabbed a golf club some of us can only look out of the window and dream in anticipation to go out and play, or can we? Well I think quite the opposite is the truth for the colder season of the year. If you play your cards right winter could be even the most productive time of the year for your golf time. Why, you're asking? Well, good question. Wintertime is practice time. First [...]

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Golf Swing Secrets Of The Greats – Tom Watson

Image of Tom Watson chip in used by permission of Tony Roberts ©Tony Roberts, All Rights Reserved When we are talking about grace and staying true to the game it doesn’t get any better than Tom Watson. Thomas Sturges Watson was born in September 4, 1949 and is still one of the most iconic golfers of our time. With 71 professional victories and 8 major titles he was one of the few players who challenged Jack Nicklaus in his prime years. Their head-to-head battles made golf history and held everybody in awe. One of the most dramatic and [...]

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The Holiday Gift Guide For Golfers 2014

Oh my, another year went by and It’s my favorite time of the year again! Christmas is coming closer and closer and people are rushing to get gifts for their friends and family. If you are looking for new toys to give to a serious golfer you don't have to look any further. I've compiled all the best holiday gifts for golfers of 2014 for you all in one place. So check out the latest and greatest in new golf technology. I've hand selected the top 10 products that are sure to please any type of golfer, from novice [...]

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You Don’t Have to be Tiger Woods to Learn Something From His New Coach Chris Como

As of late there has been a lot of buzz around Tiger again. In late August Tiger parted ways with his recent swing coach Sean Foley saying "I'd like to thank Sean for his help as my coach and for his friendship (...)". Then there was the debacle about the fake interview by Dan Jenkins on Golf Digest which even triggered a response from a slightly annoyed Tiger. And finally this November Tiger announced via twitter that he will be working together with Chris Como having him as his new swing consultant. Notice that he says Como [...]

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Master Your Golf Swing – 6 Lessons to Practice Like a Pro

WHACK! There goes Jasons first ball of the day curving way to the right shooting almost off the range. Shaking his head he pulls up another one and... WHACK! This one goes low and straight to the left. "Well, better not still not my best golf swing." he thinks to himself. So he goes on hitting golf balls one after the other while he gets more and more tense because expecting that he can do better. It's almost time to tee it off. "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to get a practice session in just before hitting [...]

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Only Aces – Great Putting Game

A new lesson from my book "120 Timeless Golf Lessons" will be posted daily! Do you marvel at the consistency with which professional golfers make difficult putts, when they need to? You can do the same. In fact you can and should practice specifically for those moments. If you want to understand pressure putting you have to putt under pressure, obviously. The following exercise helps you to putt under pressure and is a lot of fun, too. Get on the putting green with a friend . Each of you positions himself next to a hole. They should not be too far apart from each other [...]

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Know Thyself – What Type Of Golfer Are You

To appreciate your own strength and weaknesses helps to find your best way. So the question to ask is - What type of player am I actually? - What do I expect from my swing and my game? I think there are basically three major categories of golfers: the power golfer, the technique golfer and the creative feel golfer. Every one of those golfers utimately wants to hit the ball far and on target. So how does each of those types accomplish their goal? The Power Golfer The power golfer tries to accelerate the clubhead by using sheer force. [...]

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The History of Irish Golf

Officially, The Golfing Union of Ireland was founded on 12th October 1891 and is the oldest Golfing Union in the world. Coincidentally, the Ladies Golfing Union of Ireland was later created in 1893 and is the oldest ladies golfing union in the world. Golf Courses The history of Golf in Ireland dates back to the mid 1800’s. With the initial plans to build a course in 1852, the Royal Curragh, which was finally established in 1858 is Irelands oldest golf course and was built on the grounds on an army barracks. A quick look at some of Irelands oldest [...]

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National Golf Day 2013 – Golf is More Than Just a Game

Golf is way more than just a game. The sport provides 2 million American people with a job and a living. On April 16, 2013 the WE ARE GOLF coalition will meet with Members of Congress during the sixth annual National Golf Day to share stories and data about golf’s diverse businesses, employees, tax revenue creation, tourism and charitable benefits, and environmental leadership. You are invited to share your own opinion and stories via twitter using the hashtag #iamgolf A snapshot of the information that will be shared with the Members of Congress includes: Economic Benefits of Golf: Golf [...]

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