The 4 Learning Styles and How They Apply to Golf Instruction

According to David A. Kolb (an American educational theorist) there are four destinct learning styles. People tend to grasp new concepts and ideas best with one of these four learning styles (see also: Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development by David A. Kolb). If you know which of these styles fits your personality you can learn new things easier. You can also use this knowledge to your advantage if you are a teacher. This applies to learning golf as well, of course. As there are so many different approaches to learning the game out there [...]

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Stick Your Approach With the Knock Down Golf Shot

Sticking your approach – even with difficult pin positions: The knock down shot is usually the forst choice of the pros. To attack a tight pin with a regular pitch shot is usually a dangerous situation. Depending on the position of the pin, the condition of the green and the speed of the wind the best chance to stick it close is usually to get the ball to stop on the green as fast as possible. This can basically be achieved by two things: increasing the backspin or reducing the forward motion of the ball after it hits the [...]

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Staying in the Zone – How to Leverage your mind for Your Golf Game

Staying in the zone. A saying you here time and time again especially in all kinds of sports. Is there something like "the zone" in golf? Can you stay in the zone for a whole round of golf? Can you deliberatly try to enter the zone? I want to address these kind of questions in this short article. In my personal experience there actually is a state of mind where everything with your golf game seems to work out on it's own. The pieces just fall together and you have the feeling that you've figured the game out. Well, [...]

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Everyone is the Best – The Dunning-Kruger Effect in Golf

The premise of the Dunning-Kruger Effect is simple. The less you know about a particular topic the more you over estimate your own skill level in it. The fun part is that we tend to notice this with other people but seem to ignore that fact with ourselves. You can see the Dunning-Kruger Effect on a daily basis on the golf courses of this world. Nearly every golfer seems to suffer from some kind of hubris. Just ask some people what they think their skill level is. Are you better than average? Better than 70% of the golfers around [...]

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Fear in Golf – Attack your Mental Game

Let's face it fear, anxiety and frustration play a big roll in the mental game of golf. Even more than many people think. Everyone was in this situation: One moment you are super confident about your game and suddenly you are shaking like a leaf and producing shots you considered not even possible. The beauty about golf is that it is completely honest. Every shot is a result of your own skills and mental condition. That said being said  it happened to me too, often enough. But how can that be? It's as if somebody or something pushed a [...]

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How to free your mind for a better golf swing

One thing is sure: Your body doesn't understand any commands - especially nothing negative! This is a scientifically proven fact. Every command has to be translated into a feeling to be saved in your cerebellum - the part of your brain that is responsible for your eye-hand coordination and movements. During his years a golfer collects a lot of information about his swing in form of commands. But usually he's not able to automate these commands and translate them into a known repeatable feeling. As a result the commands gain the upper hand. You sabotage your own [...]

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7 Mental Tips for the Golfer – Especially for Beginners

Golf is a very technical sport but you also have to get your mind right to play at your best. I for one see my results go south immediately when I'm elsewhere with my head. I think it's probably the same for you. So here are 7 tips to get your mind right. 1. Check Your Expectations and Goals Stay away from any verbalisation that include a "must" or a "have to"! Golf is a process and you should focus on your good shots and when things are working out for you. Forget the rest and enjoy [...]

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5 Tips to boost your mental game

When your mental game is astray you play way below your capabilities. So being cool about your mental game is the basis for playing well. When you stay calm and judge every shot with an objective view you naturally play better golf. But that's easier said than done. Especially when you are bummed out about a bad shot you wouldn't even consider possible. To have a strong mental game you have to be able to deal with pressure situations, stay calm in your mind when things go astray and try to make the best even out of bad preconditions. [...]

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