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120 Timeless Golf Lessons

Sometimes the golf world seems to consist out of eighty percent snake oil salesmen. Golf marketing is also about the newest secret and the newest technological breakthrough. New clubs and balls are being released with product cycles that are getting shorter and shorter every year.

The big companies always promise easy and fast improvements for all players with their newest products. Yet the customers are usually disappointed with the results being not quite what was advertised. Of course it is true that the right equipment helps your game somewhat. Buying a new set of clubs every year probably will not, though. A good golfer can play with a broomstick just as well.

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Seve Ballesteros basically learned to play golf with an old club on the beach. Of course we are not all as blessed as Seve Ballesteros was, but what I am saying is that it is more important to make the most out of what you have instead of chasing every new trend.

Take a look at what you already own in training equipment and tools. If you take a step back, you may be even laughing at some weird training aids you bought and almost never used. So first I want you to give away, sell or throw away at least twenty percent of all the stuff you have collected so far. I am serious! Do it! It frees you up and lets you focus on the more important parts.

Then think about what is left. Think about the things you are using most and what you could do with them to improve your game. Last but not least, whenever your are tempted to buy a new gimmick or club think really hard if you need it. Maybe the money would be better invested in some lessons with your local pro or a golf school?

  • Get rid of 20% of the training aids and golf stuff you own.
  • Think about how to use the rest effectively.
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