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120 Timeless Golf Lessons

Most golfers have an extensive library of golf books. But most golfers actually do not read their books. Because they are looking for an easy solution to improve their swing immediately they get bored by the same instructions over and over again. Start with the grip. Aim correctly etc. pp. They start to skip through the books and do not really read or try to understand. I did so myself. When I used a slow approach the information suddenly made sense and I could apply the things I learned to my game.

Here is what I did. I took one of the all time classics which I read once and skipped through only a couple of times – Ben Hogan‘s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf and decided to really dig through it. I used sticky notes, marked paragraphs that seemed to be valuable to me and took notes in my journal. I worked my way through the book like a student – paragraph by paragraph – page by page. That sounds painstaking and slow – because it is. But it was also one of the most valuable and satisfying things for my game that I could do. So take out your journal, text marker and sticky notes and pick a book that you want to dig through.

If you have no idea – one of the classics is definitely not a wrong choice. Start reading and work your way through the book slowly but surely, while taking notes, marking paragraphs and pages. This exercise takes longer of course so don‘t sweat it. Try to plow through one book from cover to cover till the end of your 30 day plan.

  • Pick a golf book out of your library or buy a new one.
  • Work your way through the book slowly.
  • Use your journal, a text marker and sticky notes.
  • This is not about reading fast, but understanding the message.
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