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Chipping Into Buckets – Short Game Golf Lesson

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With chipping touch and feel plays an important role because you generally do not want the ball to stay where it lands. There are usually two components to a chip. On the one hand the landing spot and on the other hand the roll of the ball after it lands.

It is the combination of the two that makes a good chip. A common mistake is to focus so much on technique and coming close to the flag that the landing spot is too near to the hole. I made this mistake countless times. First you are happy for making good contact only to see your ball roll way past the hole seconds later. This exercise forces you to think about the landing spot while working on your chipping technique.

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Take a couple of buckets from the range to the chipping green. Now chip a couple of balls to determine some good landing spots on the green from different positions around the green. Then simply place the buckets on those spots and chip into them. Just chip three to five balls per bucket and then move on to the next one to get a new angle.

I think that chipping into buckets is a better exercise than working with a chipping net. Those chipping nets can fool you because you are shooting into them from the front, you do not really get a feel for the distance of the ball and the landing spot. At least that is my experience.

With the buckets you have a direct response how close your chips are to your intended landing spots. After a while your hit rate should go up. Once you are feeling confident about your chips move the buckets out of the way and surprise yourself with your newly gained chipping accuracy.

  • Take a couple of buckets from the range to the chipping green.
  • Place the buckets on the green representing your landing spots.
  • Chip into them alternating your angles every three to five shots.
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