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Having a Clear Mind – Mental Game Golf Lesson

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When you are on the course, it is important that you are able to focus on your shots when you need to. You probably know yourself how hard that can be at certain times. You are stepping up to the ball and suddenly everything is on your mind but the shot at hand. You are thinking about your family or things that are important at work or you are simply thinking about the shots you missed or what other players did or said the last round.

This exercise is not specific to golf but it helps to clear your mind and focus on the important things, in golf that would be making the shots the best way you can. The exercise itself may seem simple and even mundane, but it is very powerful. So I encourage you to try it out. All you need is some sheets of paper, a pen and a couple of minutes of your time.

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First you sit down and take a deep breath, then for approximately five minutes you simply write everything down that comes to your mind. Everything that is bothering you, e. g. conversations or arguments you had and did not finish, things you want to do, memories, everything. It does not matter how you write it down.

It is just important that you do it. Do not focus just on golf with this. Just put to paper what comes to your mind. It does not have to be perfect English and you can abbreviate if you want to. In the end it is for no one to read but you. Writing all those things down is a relief for your mind because you are getting them out of your system. That sounds a little too easy, I know. Sure you have not solved all your problems and conflicts with this exercise. But I am sure that you feel more relaxed and focused after you have done this.

It is great just before participating in a tournament.

  • Get some sheets of paper and a pen.
  • Take a deep breath. Write down everything that comes to your mind for five minutes.
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