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Don‘t Fight Your Golf Personality

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There is a saying that you cannot hide your personality in golf. I think it is true. Golf may be not as loud and fast as other sports are, but you get to know all kinds of different characters. That is for sure. But have you ever asked yourself what your own golf personality is?

Are you true to yourself on the golf course or are you pretending to be someone you are not? Some players just love to talk a lot and socialize with others on the course. Others keep more to themselves. Some people like to keep it casual, others seem to play by tournament rules all the times even on casual rounds.

The key is to find out what works best for you. If you are doing the great pretender, you are standing in your own way because you are using your energy to focus on what other people are thinking of you. The funny thing is that they probably do not think about you as much because they are occupied with their own game as you should be most of the time.

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This may sound like a tip out of a self-help book, but it actually has a big effect. When you are true to yourself you are likely to play your best golf. Self-evaluation is not an easy task and seldom accurate. So the easiest yet the hardest way to find something out about your character is to ask some of your friends on and off the golf course.

Ask them how you appear to them and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Then take some time to think about the things you have found out about yourself. Do not praise or judge yourself, just let the things sink in.

This may be actually the hardest exercise in this book. Fortunately it usually is also one of the most rewarding things to do in the long run. If you do not have a clear idea about your golf personality, this might be a good time to start playing like you really are.

  • Ask your friends about your personality and think about if you are true to yourself on the golf course or if you want to change anything.
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