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Eclectic – Great Golf Format to Check Your Capabilities

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120 Timeless Golf Lessons

Many people tend to forget all their good shots once they experience a miss. When the ball goes splashing into the pond, suddenly the whole game tends to go with that ball right down the drain. I had that feeling often enough. But in reality one miss does not destroy your score.

You are playing 18 holes for a reason, and good golf is about playable misses, after all. Take a look at tournament golf. A tournament was never won on the first day. And quite often the field of the leading players changes dramatically on the last day. If you want to succeed in golf, you always have to keep in mind that each hole and each shot is only as important as the bigger picture.

So if you miss one don‘t sweat it, there is usually plenty more opportunities for you. With that being said, Eclectic is a wonderful little game that teaches you exactly that. You go and play eighteen holes of golf. But instead of playing the usual eighteen, you go and play two times the front nine or two times the back nine. If your local course has a nine hole course, that is fine, too. After you have completed your round, you only count the better score on each hole for your overall score.

You may be surprised how good that score is. In the end it shows your true potential at that particular time. And while playing you will be much more relaxed due to the fact that you have a second chance or that you already have a decent score under your belt. You can also do this while playing with friends.

It brings a new dynamic into your game which is always a good thing. And when you are playing a normal round of golf again you may remember what you learned while playing Eclectic and will not freak out after a missed shot. By the way, you can also do this with two times eighteen holes or more, if you are up for the challenge.

  • Play two nine hole rounds of golf.
  • Only count the better score on each hole for your final scoring.
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