When you are looking at all the available golf instruction you get the feeling that good players have some kind of secret knowledge. Can it really be that hard to hit a little white ball properly? Do we have to study books as thick as the bible to learn the game and improve?

I think not. So let’s not make it any more difficult than it is. If you want to get better at golf you actually have to play golf. Go figure!

Feel great during your swing

If something doesn’t feel good or you have to fight to keep certain positions they are probably wrong or just not for you. If things feel awkward chances are they actually are. So learn to follow your instinct and feel athletic and flowing in your swing instead of moving from position to position.

Learn to aim

Golf’s a target game. So aiming is one of the most important aspects. Yet most golfers talk more about the swing and technique than about where they want the ball to land. Think about your targets and aim properly this way you stay in play more often even if you miss hit it.

Enjoy the game

Don’t be the grumpy over ambitious dude who’s there to win. If you don’t enjoy playing golf you can follow the words of wisdom and let it be. Love every shot you are doing even the bad ones and you are well on your way to becoming the greatest golfer ever.

Well I think that’s all there is to it. You don’t have to make it overly complicated. If you follow these simple steps what could possibly go wrong, right?

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