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Golf Myths – Myth #3 Weight Shift is Extremely Important in the Golf Swing

One thing you hear quite often is that it is extremely important to shift your weight in your golf swing. Yes it’s true that you should have a weight shift from your backswing to your finish.  Because you are moving your club around your body while turning your hips and shoulders you actually have to shift your weight if you want to do a circular motion. But it may not be as important as you think it is.

Weight Shift doesn’t Equal Distance

In reality there are very few people who actually benefit from focusing on the weight shift in their golf swing. Some people think that the weight shift leads to more distance. That’s not entirely true. Distance comes with club head speed. Just try to generate clubhead speed by using your body with more effort. You will probably come to realise that you won’t be able to move the club any faster this way. To generate speed you have to rely much more on timing, and use all the elements of your body (hips, shoulders, arms and hands) in the right order. You are more likely to generate speed if you use your golf club like a whip instead of a giant sledge hammer.

You probably already heard of the current trend of the stack and tilt swing. They basically advocate a swing that minimises the weight shift as much as possible. And although I am not really a fan of their method they don’t hurt your golf swing with it. You are able to generate club head speed with a stack and tilt swing just as much as with a normal golf swing.

Balance is the Key

A term that is a lot more useful for you is “balance”, I think. You definitely don’t want to lose your balance throughout your swing as that is a pretty certain sign that your swing path is off. I think the proper weight shift comes more or less automatically if you focus on things like your swing plane, foot work, finishing strong etc. Only very few people have such a wacky swing that they actually have to work on shifting their weight actively.

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