• What Type of Golfer Are You?

Know Thyself – What Type Of Golfer Are You

To appreciate your own strength and weaknesses helps to find your best way. So the question to ask is – What type of player am I actually? – What do I expect from my swing and my game? I think there are basically three major categories of golfers: the power golfer, the technique golfer and the creative feel golfer. Every one of those golfers utimately wants to hit the ball far and on target. So how does each of those types accomplish their goal?

The Power Golfer

The power golfer tries to accelerate the clubhead by using sheer force. He needs tension in his body and uses a lot of muscle force in his swing. Beginners who fall into this category usually have a lot of lateral and vertical body motion. They try to get their whole body behind the ball almost as if they were chopping wood. Usually the effort doesn’t lead to good results. But there are also examples of professional power golfers like Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus or the late Arnold Palmer. Those golfers show that you can play golf with this mindset if you’ve dedicated your time on sound mechanics and practice a lot.

The Technical Golfer

This golfer tries to use all the “tricks” there are to generate clubhead speed without using a lot of force. A typical pattern is the late release. The hands stay cocked longer in the downswing. This way the technical golfer usually leads with his hands using centrifugal force to accelerate the clubhead at maximum speed just before hitting the ball. This needs a lot of talent and practice to keep the hands in synch with the body.

The Feel-Golfer

More than often this type of golfer doesn’t even realise his own intentions. He tries to generate maximum power by feel usually searching for a harmonious and easy swing. This type of golfer has an almost philosophical approach. They other two types are outcome oriented following the motto:”Even if it hurts, as long as the ball is flying long and straight the problem is solved!”
The outcome isn’t enough for the feel-golfer. He also wants to feel no stress and pain when swinging his clubs.

Learn From Each Other

To come to a good repeating golf swing every golfer has to learn from the other types. The power golfer usually has to spend most of his time to develop the proper mechanics. Usually it’s hard work for him to using his power in the right way. The most important step is to see and believe that longer distances can be achieved by using less force.
The technical golfer has to work on his timing. The right motion at the wrong time can lead to all kinds of mishits. To know the background of each movement can help a lot. Most people are learning by doing, though.
The feel-golfer has usually the longest way to walk as he’s not only trying to get the best score but also to find the best swing for himself. A good coach can support the feel-golfer and steer him into the right direction.

Which type of golfer are you? Take a minute to think about it and what this means for your game and practice.

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