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The Laboratory – How To Get Out Of The Sand In Style

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Let‘s go back to the bunker. Unfortunately you will find your golf ball more than often in a difficult lie in the bunker. As if hitting the bunker would not be troublesome enough. But only few golfers actually work on their sand play. It is somewhat of a red rag to them and yet they do not want to put in the work to change that. But with just one long practice session of a couple of hours you can learn so much in the bunker.

Just treat it like a laboratory and have an open mind. For today I want you to work on your sand game for at least one to two hours. But I do not want to bore yourself. Make it interesting and try as many different shots you can think of. Buried lies, lies right behind the lip, to a flag that is close to you, to a flag that is relatively far away etc.

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Be creative and think especially of the lies you faced recently on the course. For each task you set up for yourself I want you to think about different approaches you could take.

E.g. if the ball is laying right behind a lip, you could try to bounce it out of the bunker sideways or you could try to shoot it high over the lip. Try all variations you come up with and do not be shy about it. Do not just do what other people are saying. Try everything out and find out what actually works for yourself. Don‘t forget the basics of sand play. Open the clubface and your stance a bit. You want to carry the ball out of the bunker on top of a slice of sand. You do not want to hit the ball directly (An exception is going for distance out of a fairway bunker).

If you really do this and just put in the time once, you will immediately notice that you act more confidently the next time you face a bunker shot on the course.

  •  Spend at least one to two hours practising sand play in a bunker.
  •  Try all the different shots you can think of out of the bunker. Don‘t be shy to experiment and treat it like your laboratory.
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