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One Ball – Simple And Fun Golf Format

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Today we will have fun with another match play variant. I do not know how your own experience is, but in match play I tend to play a lot better. Usually the overall scores seem to be better for me.

I think it is due to the fact that match play takes away some of the long tail pressure because you can ultimately only win or fail on each hole. If you have not played in tournament conditions with stroke play, I strongly suggest you to try it sometime. But that is for another day. Today you will play “One Ball”. You can play this game one on one or in teams.

The rules of the game are easy. Both sides play with the same ball, but each side counts their own score. With every stroke the ball must be brought intentionally closer to the hole. You cannot shoot the ball in the opposite direction. If you are not on the green, you must use full swings. You are not allowed to dilly dally around. On the green, you can do whatever stroke you like, as long as the ball gets closer to the hole. You get the idea. The team that tees off alternates on every hole.

This game is not totally fair, but it is more about the fun and experience than playing under tournament conditions. You play in match play mode. Whenever a penalty has to be given, e.g. out of bounds or water, the player or team that caused the penalty gets it.

One Ball brings up some new tactical elements. For example you could intentionally aim for a bunker or another specific position. It makes you think. And that is what we always want to do when we are dealing with course management. What is even more fun is that you are always dealing with the unexpected because you have to work with what the opposite team left behind for you.

  • Play a round of golf one on one or in teams. Use only one ball for
    both teams.
  • Play for each hole (match play).
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