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One Club Up! One Club Down! – Go Play / Golf Challenge

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120 Timeless Golf Lessons

To the golfer it is critical to know which club produces which lengths. But the thing is that with equipment changes, experience and the natural development of your swing these numbers can change over time. Many golfers do not even know which clubs in their bag produce which length. This exercise will force you to think about your club selection, your swing speed and course management. You play a normal round of golf. Before each shot you decide which club you want to use.

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Then you take a coin and flip it. If it shows heads, you go up one club. If it is tails, you go down one club. For example you want to start your round with a 6-Iron and the coin shows tails. That means you have to take a 7-Iron instead. It is your personal decision, if you want to swing harder or softer to correct the change in distance or aim at a different target. You do this everywhere, except on the green or in the bunker. So if your ball lies around the green and you want to chip, you may be forced to putt or use a different club.

Do not cheat. If you follow through with this exercise you will see its benefits when you start to think about your course management after a couple of holes. Which club to choose? Where do I aim at? How hard do I swing? Which shot do I want to produce? Simply because you are forced to play a different club you can not play on “auto pilot” any more.

  • Play a round of golf.
  • Before each shot choose a club and flip a coin.
  • If it shows heads – go up one club.
  • If it shows tails – go down one club.
  • Do this everywhere except on the green or in the bunker.
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