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Pitching to Targets – Improve Your Pitch Shots Fast

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Time and again people seem to forget that golf is a target game, when they are practising. They get in a rut and work on the mechanics of their swing or specific positions they want to go through or hold. That is okay to some extent, but not, if that is all you are doing when you are practicing.

The following exercise is great to hone your skill to always think of targets when you are pitching. There are a lot of strokes to shave off your score with a great short game. If you can make a decent approach you make finishing the hole with the following putt so much easier to yourself. For this exercise you need a couple of towels (four to five will do). Place these towels in five foot increments on the pitching green. You can also use golfclubs if you don’t want to take some towels with you.

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pitching to targets

Start with the first one 20 to 30 yards in front of you. Then you want to land your pitches on top of these towels. Never aim for the same towel twice. This exercise will help you to develop distance control. Being exact with your distances is part of a good short game. This way you do not have to guess the next time you face a 40 yard pitch on the course.

To control the distance of your pitches play with the length of your backswing, the weight transfer during your swing and your wrist action. The easiest way to control their distance is probably the length of your backswing. If your wedge shots fly approximately 100 yards for a full swing, they should go about 50 yards for half a swing and 25 yards for a quarter swing. The goal for this exercise is to be as precise with your distances as possible.

Once you can produce shots with distances at will, you will see your scores plummet in the short game area.

  • Place five towels in five yard increments in front of you.
  • Pitch to the towels, but never aim for the same one twice.
  • Experiment with different ways to control your pitches.
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