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Pitching Trajectories – Learn To Control Your Pitch Shots Like a Pro

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When you are able to control the trajectories of your pitches you have more control over the roll of the ball after it lands, too.

This makes your pitching more accurate. Most golfers practice one pitch shot with one trajectory, but neglect the things they are hopefully doing on the range. You should always have a target and try to produce a shot at will, not at random. If a shot behaves exactly like you imagined it and it is on target, you know that you have made a good shot.

If you just hit near your target that is great, but does not necessarily mean you have also produced a great shot. To practice your pitching trajectories you
can use a six foot step ladder.

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This exercise is great to do in your garden with practice balls, as you probably do not want to take a ladder with you on the practice tee. If you do not have a ladder or cannot practise with it you simply have to imagine it. This is not as good because you do not get the direct feedback but it is still a lot better than not doing this exercise at all.

Place the ladder approximately ten to fifteen yards in front of you. Now you want to use your pitching wedge to pitch your golf balls between the different rungs of the ladder. Use your normal pitching technique. To control the trajectory experiment with the width of your stance and the release of your club. Be careful that you do not begin to scoop your shots to help the golf balls into the air.

Do not worry how far your shots go yet just focus on controlling the trajectory. If you stand wider, your ball should go higher. After a couple of tries you will notice that it is not too hard to shoot the golf balls deliberately through the rungs of the ladder.

As soon as you feel a little confident with your pitching move away from the ladder and try your different shots at targets. Focus on controlling the roll of the ball with different trajectories.

  • Use a step ladder to practice your pitching trajectories.
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  1. Zeus November 25, 2014 at 03:41 - Reply

    I am trying to become a good pitcher and I am doing a research project to find out what techniques golfers are using.I heard a a dialogue between a professional golfer and his caddie on the 17th waterhole in the Tournament of Champions and they were dialing in to the nearest yard.I’m still wondering whether it is a technique or just hitting buckets of balls.

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