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Play your Age – Play Golf! Don’t Hurt Yourself!

Every sport usually involves intense strain for joints and muscles. Golf makes no difference. That’s why a good hard look at your swing can not only help you to play better but also with less stress. It’s almost always possible to build a pain free golf swing for any body. It’s important to recognise all the parts of your swing that lead to unfavourable stress.

Warm Up to Avoid Wear and Tear

There’s not only one right way to swing the golf club. But there are criteria every good swing should incorporate. Otherwise it lacks distance and accuracy or leads to physical pain. To avoid unnecessary stain you should always do a warm up routine before a longer session of golf no matter how old you are. Good and strong core muscles also help. To play your best golf you should always try to get a good feel for your own body before you hit the course. Coordinative exercises that don’t necessarily mimic a golf swing are a good way to get your muscles going. There are several top golfers who do light weight training to prepare their body for a round of golf. Dangerous motions and strain do mostly occur when people overestimate their range of motion, bang their joints and tear their muscles. A higher age usually means a lower range of motion and more passive structures inhibiting movement.

Balance Your Strength

Especially younger players tend to overstress their joints with a too high range of motion. Their movements are secured by joint ligaments  that have to deal with great forces. That doesn’t lead to pain in younger ages but supports possible damages later on. Even if others marvel at the flexibility of younger players – it would be better to learn a swing that is stabilised by muscles. To learn how much power is enough to keep the body in a favourable position frees reserves that can be used during a round of golf. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean to lose distance you just have to work on your technique to incorporate power sources you did not have to use in younger years.

Ask your local teaching professional to build a swing that is ideal for your flexibility, strength and endurance. This way you’ll enjoy the game of golf even longer.

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