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Pyramid – Long Game Golf Lesson

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120 Timeless Golf Lessons

The question almost every beginning golfer asks is “What do I need fourteen clubs for?”. Most seasoned golfers can probably give an elaborate answer to that question and talk about loft and how different clubs have different purposes.

On the other hand they are usually not using all their clubs themselves, not on the range and not on the course, although they have the full equipment. People tend to stick with their favourite clubs once they got comfortable with them.

The more clubs you are versatile with, the more shots you are able to play which results in more options on the course. The following training routine takes you through your whole bag and is often used by professional golfers as a warm up routine in one way or the other. Get to the range and place yourself on a spot where you can imagine a real fairway of the course easily, e.g. between two rows of flags or distance signs.

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Then you want to shoot ten balls with each club starting with your highest degree wedge. You do this with every club until you are done with your driver. That is 130 shots (if you do not use your putter) and you get a good feel where your weak links are, as you always see if you have hit your virtual fairway. Some people like to use their odd numbered clubs first. That is a personal preference.

You can mix it up if you want to, as long as you go through your whole bag and leave no club out. This is a great methodical exercise as it forces you to use the clubs that you avoid consciously or unconsciously when you are just working on your swing.

If you want to take this even further, you could print out a spreadsheet and mark how many of your ten shots land on your fairway for each club.

This way you can see your own progress in accuracy, if you do this over a longer period of time.

  •  Go to the range and hit ten shots with every club.
  •  Recognize which clubs you have the most trouble with.
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