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Regular as Clockwork – Playing With Tempo in Your Golf Swing

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Proper tempo and rhythm are essential for a good golf swing. As with many things, in golf there is not one right way to do it for everybody. But there is a way that suits you and your game, for sure. I think tempo and rhythm can be learned best by experimenting with counting in your head and music. You have probably seen and heard how dancers count the beats when they are working on a new choreography.

Today you will try a similar thing for developing rhythm in your own swing. To start out take a look at different swings of professional players on the internet. You will notice immediately that they have all a very different tempo and rhythm to their swing. If you are new to golf, you may not notice the differences at first. But compare the swing of Ernie Els to the swing of Tiger Woods and try to count. While Ernie Els is more like a “one, two, three” swing, Tiger Woods‘ swing is more like a “one-two”.

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Of course this is very generalized and they are using a different tempo for different shots. But you get the idea. After you have looked at some swings for inspiration start thinking of ways how you could implement the idea of tempo and rhythm into your own swing.

The easiest way may be to count beats in your head like you did with the videos. Another way may be with the help of music. You could be hitting golf balls while listening to a very up beat fast paced song trying to stay in its rhythm with your swing.

After that you could switch to a slower melodic song and hit balls to that song‘s rhythm. If you have a metronome, you could use that for help. Just try out different rhythms and see what suits you best and you feel most comfortable with.

  • Take a look at swings of professionals and count in your head while watching them.
  • Think of ways to try those rhythms and paces in your own golf swing (e. g. counting, music or a metronome).
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