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The Short Straw – Fun and Simple Golf Format

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This little addition to the game is a lot of fun and forces you to be creative with your golf clubs and tee shots at the same time. You can play this in teams or one on one. Before each tee shot each side is drawing straws. Be prepared for this and do not make it more difficult than it is.

You obviously do not want to hold up the whole golf course. It is best if one player gets the role for holding the straws (matches, sticks, whatever you like) and all the other players draw. If you are playing one on one it might be easier to toss a coin.

After you have determined who drew the short straw, the winner does the club selection for the loser. The loser has to tee off with that particular club. Each club can be chosen only once. So if the opposing team is saying that your side has to use the putter on the first hole and you draw the short straw a second time, your opponents have to choose a different club they did not pick for you before. For the very unlikely event that one side loses 14 times during a round, this rule does not apply.

After all players have teed off you proceed as normal. This game does create situations like your team having the better tee shots despite having to tee off with short irons. The thing is to think creative with your shots. E.g. using the punch with shorter irons or taking a half swing with longer irons and the driver. Of course the team that won the decision always tries to throw the other team off balance.

Despite their disadvantage the team that drew the short straw tries to play to the best of their abilities and trump the other team.

  • Before each tee shot the teams are drawing straws.
  • The winner does the club selection for the loser.
  • Each club can only be chosen once during a round.
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