The Magic Move in Golf

Too much hip turn during your downswing could be the main reason for the dreaded pull or slice. It’s one of the main reasons for the club head leaving its proper path. The club comes from outside to inside through the ball which results into a pull or slice.

You have to build up some resistance to your shoulders with your hips without turning too far. Turning 90 degrees with your shoulders at the end of your back swing should ideally result in a 45 degree hip turn to build maximum coil and tension.

The Magic Move

If your hip is turning too far during your swing your it will turn back automatically before your arms even have a chance to swing the club down. That’s why your hip can be the main reason for your shoulders turning back too early and pulling your club from out to in. At the beginning of your downswing your hip has to move laterally towards the target while your right elbow moves down towards your body giving your club enough space to swing through the ball. That lateral movement was called the “Magic Move in Golf” by legendary teaching pro Harvey Pennick. Study the picture above where you can see Ben Hogan perform the move in perfection.

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