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Want to Drive it Long and Straight? – How to Rid Yourself of That Slice!

Many golfers suffer from a severe slice especially when they are taking the big stick out of their bag. If you are one of those golfers you’ll be glad to hear that the drill described in this article might be the cure for your problems. Getting rid of your slice with your driver and gaining a couple of yards of distance – sounds like a good deal, right?

How to Do it

The drill is designed to let you find the ideal swingpath, coming from the inside almost automatically. You’ll also learn how to generate a flatter swing plane which allows you to come into the ball more effectively and more powerful.

Find a place on the practice range with a slight upward slope. You should stand a little bit lower than the ball. Tee the golf ball a little bit higher than normal. Ideally the ball should be 4 inches higher than your feet.

Find an upward slope on the practice tee to swing more from the inside.

Find an upward slope on the practice tee to swing more from the inside.

Begin by taking some relaxed swings with your driver to get accustomed to the different hight. You will feel already that your swings won’t go steeply and awkwardly downward. Because you naturally avoid the ground you’ll swing on a better plane; on an imaginary half circle.

For notorious slicers who thresh steeply into the ball from the outside this drill can be a faith healing. But more accurate golfers can use this drill too to get a better feel for their swing. Just focus on sweeping the ball off the tee with casual swings without breaking your tees. If your tee flies a couple of feet that’s okay but if it stays in the ground that’s even better.

A lot of broken tees while hitting your driver are a sign for a too steep angle of attack. This usually leads to a lot of short, low and pulled shots. With this drill you will develop a flatter swing plane.

After a couple of minutes you will already feel how your swing’s getting rounder and more compact. Your body will compensate for the unusual height almost on its own. To generate a solid impact position your shoulders will guide you to swing on a flatter and straighter plane. Keep your finish for some time and check the position of your arms.

You will probably notice that these are in a lower position than usual. Your hands should be ideally at the height of your head. Swing continuously on the plane that feels natural to you. Resist the urge to get back to your old wrong swingpath coming from the outside to the inside. You will probably even hit a couple of hooks due to the upward slope but it’s the feeling that counts.

When you are back swinging away on level ground you will notice immediately how your shots are straighter and longer than before. Modern launch-monitors show that next to clubhead speed and the angle of attack are the most important factors for length with tee shots. The more square the clubhead comes into the ball the less spin is transferred to it which adds more yards to your tee shots as well.

With this drill you can not only rid yourself of a slice but also bring your game on a whole new level.

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