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Wolf – Exciting and Fun Golf Format

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In golf you mainly play against the course and yourself. But let‘s face it, you are always influenced by your flight partners or competitors in a tournament. You can see it in professional golf that there is a tactical component. If someone has the sole lead, it is his decision, if he wants to play safe or even become more aggressive.

To experience the influence of other players on yourself you should play the following game. The Wolf is most fun in a four player flight. At the beginning of each hole the group decides with coin tosses which player is the wolf, the pack leader so to speak. The wolf alone can choose his playing partner.

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He tees off last and decides after each other player, whether he wants him as a partner or not. If he chooses a partner, he has to stay with his decision. E.g. when the third player tees off, the wolf can no longer decide to play with the first or second player as a partner. Nevertheless the wolf can also choose to play alone, but has to compete against the rest then. You play in match play. The wolf team or the wolf alone always has to beat the other players by score, no ties.

Keep track of the winners on each hole and add up the points. Redecide who becomes the wolf on each hole. Obviously this game is most fun when all players are on a somewhat equal level. But you can play with your handicaps as well.

  • You need 4 players.
  • Decide at each hole who’s the wolf.
  • The wolf tees off last.
  • He decides after each player, if he wants to team up with him.
  • The wolf can play alone, too.
  • The wolf team or the lone wolf has to beat the other team by score,
    no ties.
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