Life Lessons you can learn from golf.

5 things you think you understand about the golf swing but you really don’t

Some myths never die. That’s true for golf too.

Everyone has heard them but they are usually only half true.

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Look at the following list and see if you tell those things to your golfing buddies. And if you do, if you know the complete truth. [clearboth]

#1 Keep your Head Down!

The oldest golf tip on earth. Caveman probably already told this one another.

But seriously, is keeping the head down important for the swing? At all? Well, it can hold some truth. If you come up  during your swing you can mess up your spine angle.

But you can keep your head down, tuck your chin in and do all kinds of bad things with your swing too.

Most often keeping the head down won’t do a thing for your swing. It’s even more likely that you focus so much on it that you mess up even more.

So what would be better alternatives? If you sway a lot maybe “Keep your head behind the ball” or “Rotate around your neck”

#2 The Secret is in the Dirt.

Looking for the secret? Maybe the one Ben Hogan left behind? Well here it is: There’s none!

Well that’s a relief isn’t it. It’s all smoke and mirrors. And think about it golf is such a complex sport. Why should there be one move or one secret detail that makes you a good player.

Most often the things that make one golfer great are a desaster for another.

If there is a secret than it is working intelligently on your own swing.

Keeping track of your progress and most importantly having a plan and having fun.

All the most expensive and funkiest training aids won’t make anybody a better golfer. Only you yourself can do that!

#3 If I hit a thousand balls I am getting better.

Another myth. Many people belief the professionals are so good because they have the time to hit thousands of balls each day.

Well, sure they spend a lot of time training. And only by doing so they can sustain their high level of play.

But just hitting balls hasn’t done much for anyone. It’s quality over quantity all the way.

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Someone who took his time on the range and hit 40 balls in half an hour with taking practice swings inbetween and thinking about what he was doing learned a lot more than anyone who hammered away 150 balls aimlessly and frustrated.

Next time you are on the practice tee try to hit as few balls as possible and make them really count.

#4 The Swing Plane is Just Like a Plane of Glass.

That’s an old mental picture out of the Ben Hogan Book (Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf). It’s good for a beginning golfer.

But it is only partly true. If you look at modern golf instruction it becomes clear that it’s more valuable to look at multiple planes during the swing or to think more in terms of a swing path.

So don’t get too stuck on the idea of a giant pane of glass around your neck. You should focus on your spine angle and hands at impact instead!

#5 My Clubs and Equipment Help me Play Better and Improve my Golf Swing.

This one is partly true. It’s proven that proper equipment will make you play better somewhat.

But no club on earth will change your golf swing. A beginning will improve faster with over sized cavity back clubs than with blades that’s for sure. But in reality you can’t buy skill relentless what the big companies are trying to tell you and to sell you.

A good golfer can play a round with a broomstick and a banana he doesn’t necessarily need the most expensive clubs with the newest NASA technology.

I think that’s especially true with golf balls. I believe most golfers play with too expensive balls for their skill level.

Most can’t even generate the spin with their clubs to have any benefit from a  3 piece ball that isn’t even as durable as a cheap regular 2 piece ball.





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