Accurate Like a Laser – Jason Dufner Golf Swing Analysis

Jason Dufner won the 2013 PGA Championship at the east course of the Oak Hill Country Club with precise approaches that left him with a lot of tap ins.

He was also the runner-up in the 2011 PGA Championship losing in a playoff to Keagan Bradley. He is a very laid back guy and rarely shows any emotion in his golf game.

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But you can’t argue with his precision.

Here’s a closer look at his full swing. Dufner is hitting a 3-wood; filmed in slow motion.


Address Position and Takeaway

Jason Dufner starting with his unorthodox setup.
Jason Dufner starting with his unorthodox setup.
Jason Dufners takeaway
Jason Dufners takeaway

[clearboth] At address Jason Duffner is a little bit unorthodox.

Usually you find players having the ball somewhere towards their left ear or the logo of their shirt.

The address position is usually designed to mimic the impact position, with some forward shaft lean and the hands slightly behind the ball.

Duffner does almost the opposite. The ball is more in the middle of the stance. His shaft is slightly leaning away from the ball and his left wrist is in a cupped position.

He’s looking like he’s going to scoop the ball.

Obviously he’s not.

He manages to get into a great impact position despite his unothodox setup.


Jason Dufner at the top of his backswing
Jason Dufner at the top of his backswing

[clearboth] As he goes back in his swing he get’s into a great position at the top.

His left wrist is no longer cupped and he’s fully loaded to swing down.

From this position onward his swing is pretty much text book.

Which shows again that there are many ways to get to a good impact position.

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That doesn’t mean that I recommend his address position for you but if it works for him I won’t argue with that.


Downswing and Impact

Jason Dufner on his way down
Jason Dufner on his way down
Jason Dufner at impact
Jason Dufner at impact

[clearboth] On the downswing you find that Jason Duffner is perfectly stacked with his left side.

His shoulders are on top of his hips which is on top of his ankle.

He swings the club around his body in a way that doesn’t need a lot of lateral motion.Keeping his left side solid and swinging on a circular path is one of the keys to consistency.

At impact you notice that he’s now in the opposite position of his unorthodox setup.

He has some great shaft lean and stays behind the ball leading to a great release. Notice the extension of his left arm, how flat his left wrist is and how he’s rolling his forearms through the release.

Also notice how Duffner is moving his weight and keeping it on his left side leading to the great stacked position I already mentioned.


Finish and Conclusion

Jason Dufner in his finish position
Jason Dufner in his finish position

[clearboth] The finish position of Jason Duffner is also very text book.

He’s standing on his left leg as if it was a straight post; swinging his arms around his body and clearing his hips.

A great finish position to mimic.

Here are some key points to look out for in Jason Duffners swing:

  • Try to stack your left side in your down swing like Jason Duffner does. (Keep your left shoulder on top of your left hip and left ankle.)
  • You want your arms in an extended position in your follow through.
  • Let gravity and the weight of the club help you to roll over your forearms through your release.

If you are looking for consistency Jason Duffners swing is a good one to look at. He’s swinging against a solid left side with a great release.

Precision is all about getting into a good impact position repeatedly.






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