A Golf Swing With Style – Adam Scott Swing Analysis

While working with Butch Harmon as his coach people where saying that Butch was trying to force the swing of Tiger Woods from 2000 on him.

Of course there are some similarities and Mr. Harmon definitely teaches his style (e.g. the wide and low takeaway).

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Nevertheless Adam Scott always had and still has a swing of his own.

And what bad can come from using Tigers winning swing as a benchmark anyways, heh?[clearboth]

Address Position and Takeaway

Everythings square at impact.
Everythings square at impact.
Adam Scotts takeaway low and slow.
Adam Scotts takeaway low and slow.

[clearboth] Take a look at how Adam Scott sets up behind the ball. His hips, shoulders and arms are aligned perfectly. Textbook proportions and alignment for a textbook swing.

His arms and the shoulders control this initial sequence while he’s taking the club back low and slow. He doesn’t start to set his wrists until he has the club parallel to the ground.



Perfect sequencing and coiling by Adam Scott.
Perfect sequencing and coiling by Adam Scott.

Adam Scotts effortless looking swing lives from his great sequencing and exact ratio of turn between knee, hips and belly-button.

Everything turns in sequence and just as much as is necessary to generate maximum speed with his hands and his club.

He sets his wrists on the way upward to the top of his backswing.



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Downswing and Impact

Adam Scott transfers his weight and unwinds.
Adam Scott transfers his weight and unwinds.
Adam whipping through the ball at impact.
Adam whipping through the ball at impact.

[clearboth] With his great sequence during his backswing Adam Scott is able to generate a lot of clubhead speed on the way down which seems to be effortless and with no strain at all.

At impact you can tell how he transferred all the weight forward to his left leg delivering the clubhead perfectly square to the ball with a little upwards motion to produce his desired trajectory.

Take note of his arms and wrists how they whip through the ball with a full release.


Finish and Conclusion

Adam Scotts classic looking finish.
Adam Scotts classic looking finish.

[clearboth] Adam finishes his swing with wrapping his arms fully around standing upwards and strong with all his weight on his left leg.

His knees are almost touching giving that classic look.

The key lessons (for everybody who’s flexible enough) to take away from Adam Scotts swing are basically all about his great sequencing of motion.:

  • Start your backswing low and slow with your shoulders and arms moving the club along the target line.
  • Try to get a feel for your hip and shoulder turn. Generating that x-factor with perfect sequencing.
  • Finish with the club wrapped around your back and your right shoulder under your chin. Standing balanced and strong on your left leg.

If you experiment with sequencing your motion as effectively as it is possible for you, you might surprise yourself as how much power you are suddenly able to generate simply by using the whiplash effect and coiling of your body.



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