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More often enough you can see some people on the practice tee that are getting more and more frustrated with their game as they are doing  their thing.

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Hopefully you are not one of those people. It is useful to know where this frustration is coming from, though.

It is likely that most of those players do not actually know the root of their own frustration.

I think it stems from their expectations.

They think they are able to perform great shots consistently because they where able to pull them off once or twice. But most likely these shots where lucky and not because of their great technique.

Do not fall into this trap yourself. It is a great habit to take a long hard look at your own game being brutally honest with yourself.

Statistics and numbers help a lot because they provide an objective view you might not have otherwise.

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So take a clean sheet of paper or open your journal and start to score yourself in the different aspects of the game.

Give yourself a score from one to ten for each club in your bag. Ten meaning you are at your peak performance.

Look at some scores and experiences of the past and be honest to yourself. Nobody has to see the results. They are for your eyes only.

Then rate yourself in the general areas short game, long, game, mental game and general fitness.

After you have put your own game into numbers take a look at the results and you will probably notice where the best opportunities for improvement are in your game.

Think about ways you could improve in these areas. Maybe, how to change your training or play style.

If you have the courage, discuss your results with your local pro. I think he would be pleased that you are thinking about your own game and ways to improve.

  • Score your own skillset with each club out of your bag on a scale of one to ten. Use statistics and numbers for help.
  • Score yourself in the areas of short game, long game, trouble shots etc.


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