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It is all About Balance – Long Game Golf Lesson

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Many golfers are unaware of the important role of balance and footwork during their golf swing.

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Only the right balance will let you hit the ball flush during impact and keep you away from swaying or the dreaded reverse pivot.

If there is one drill that helps to learn keeping proper balance it is the feet together drill.

It is so good, even professional golfers incorporate it into their training schedule regularly. The premise is easy.

You hit balls with a three quarter swing, but you stand in front of the ball with your feet together. Otherwise you keep your normal address position spine angle and grip.

If you have not done this exercise yet, the first few tries will seem impossible to you and you will lose your balance and almost fall over.

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But do not let that discourage you. If you keep going, you will soon reap your rewards.

I recommend that you alternate hitting some balls with your feet together and with your feet positioned normally.

Five balls with each position seems to work well for me. This way you can feel, how you are improving almost shot by shot.

When you have your feet together, try to do a good shoulder turn and do not be shy to use your hips. You will experience how this will make things easier for you.

The most difficult parts are the transition from backswing to downswing and keeping your balance after you have hit the ball.

If people are telling you that you swing with too much force or are too stiff, this exercise will do wonders for you. Trust me, it did for me.

  • Hit balls keeping your feet together.
  • Alternate every couple balls (e.g. 5) with your normal address position.
  • Focus on keeping your balance during your transition and after you
    have hit the ball.


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