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Chipping Like a Champ – Short Game Chipping Exercise – Par-4 Chipping

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Being able to perform under pressure is as important in the short game as it is in the long game.

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Maybe even more important. So by setting some specific goals while practising your short game can help you to improve a lot.

Try the following exercise. Chip with two balls. You need your wedge and your putter.

Chip with your wedge at the same target or at  different pins.

Your goal is to get within three feet of the flag, so you can make it with one putt.

The classical up and down. Then step up to your balls and putt.

Two chips and two putts – that makes Par-4 chipping.

With this exercise and the added pressure you will really focus on your chip shots and your putting which is a good thing.

Pick the right club and estimate the landing points and the roll before each shot.

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Imagine the shots beforehand and see if you can actually do what you are picturing in your mind.

You can even make a fun little game out of this.

Try competing with a friend. Who can make the first Par-4? Who makes the most out of ten tries? It is funny, how much small  exercises like this can help your short game just because they shake up the way you are practising.

Many people in golf tend to do the same exercise for too long.

Especially in the short game area people tend to do the same things over and over again wondering at the same time why they are not improving.

Effective golf training is not just about quantity and quality.

Diversity plays a big role. Only when you are confronted with differing challenges while you are practising will you gain the experience you need to deal with all kinds of situations when you are on the course.

  • Practice chipping with two golf balls.
  • Chip the two balls as close to the flag as you can.
  • Try making the putts to get up and down in two each time.
  • Make a competition out of it and practice with friends.






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