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Golf Myths – Myth #4 Keep Your Left Arm Straight

The golf swing tip to keep your left arm straight is almost as old as the one to keep your head down.

There are multiple opinions about keeping your left arm straight.

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Well, as always the truth lies in the details.

There’s definetely many wrong ways to swing your golf club even if you keep your left arm straight e.g. taking your arms too far away from your body.

On the other hand bending your arms too much usually leads to too much swaying motion with the upper body or a swing plane that’s too steep.


So what to do with your left arm?

I think the most important part about keeping your left arm straigh is during impact.

Usually it’s easier to get it into that position when you keep it relatively straight from the get go.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely necessary to hit some good shots. Take a look at Lee Westwood at impact for example.

He doesn’t keep his left arm straight. On the other hand he doesn’t shrink and bend his arms like many amateurs do either.

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So obviously you can hit it great with slightly bend arms even at impact.

Take a look at the arms of Lee Westwood at impact.
Take a look at the arms of Lee Westwood at impact.

Nevertheless the average Joe would be better off to keep it straight I think.

That promotes a stronger shoulder turn and makes it easier to attack the ball from the inside which would be a good advice to many beginning golfers.

So if people keep telling you that you should keep your left arm straight you should think about if doing so helps you to hit the ball square at impact. People who tend to bend their arms a lot during their backswing usually don’t have a feel for the centrifugal force of the golf swing.

They are trying more to hit at the golf ball instead of swinging through it. So the notion of keeping their left arm straight won’t neccesarily make them any better.

With them the bend arms is more like a symptom instead of a cause.

So yet again there’s no answer that’s absolutely right for everybody – as there seldom is in golf.

But that’s what makes it so much fun, eh?






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