Hello and Welcome to Good at Golf!

Hello and welcome to goodatgolf.com a blog about the greatest game on earth.

You can call me Greg. I’m a webdesigner currently living in Berlin, Germany.

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I’m an avid golfer too. As every golfer I strive for a better game every time I take a club into my hands.

In this blog I want to share my learning experience and all the ways I think are good to improve.

Thus far I have planned the following sections for my blog:

Training and Improvement

If you ask 10 different golfers how and what they are training you get at least 12 different answers.

In this section I’ll cover different training methods and plans that worked for me and improved my game.

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Reviews of books, equipment and gimmicks

There are a lot of golf books and training aids that promise to make you a scratch player in a couple of minutes.

I always look around and read a lot of golf books. Now and then I stumble upon a real gem that doesn’t promise a quick fix but a real way for improvement.

In this section I review books, training aids, equipment etc. that provide real value and ways to a better game.

Moments and fun facts about and around golf

Golf is a sport that features moments and stories only life can tell.

In these posts I cover some of the most memorable moments the sport delivered thus far.

My journey

I still have a lifetime to learn and improve myself.

Now and then i’ll post about my own successes, failures and ways on and around the golf course.

I created this blog to share and to connect so feel free to comment or shoot me a mail if you like.

I’ll update at least once a week.

So stick around or subscribe to my RSS feed if you like what you read.





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