How to Tee Off Like a Tour Pro (Excerpt From the Free Book)

This article explains how to tee off like a pro.

It  is an excerpt from my free ebook “Seven Great Golf Tips”.

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It’s no secret. The more fairways you are able to hit the better your round will unfold.

Hitting those fairways gives you better chances to consequently hit more greens in regulation. Every tee shot decides how your game will unfold on that specific hole. If you want to hit those fairways like a pro you have to start to think like a tour pro. For every tee shot you play you should have a plan in mind. A common term you hear is to eliminate one side of the golf course.

What is meant by this is to rely on a bread and butter shot that is either a draw or a fade off the tee.

By relying either on a draw or a fade the player can be sure to land the ball on the one side of the fairway he wants to. Even if the ball curves more then intended he might still be able to continue with his course strategy. Doing this with confidence is harder than it sounds. Most beginning golfers have not developed a bread and butter shot they can rely on yet.

But they still can and should do other basic things that professional golfers take to heart with every tee shot.

Pick a Target And Go For It

You should always pick a target. This is especially true off the tee.

When you are standing on the first tee with the whole golf course in front of you it might be easy to just grip it and rip it.

But by picking a small specific target and visualizing a shot you give your body the right signals.

Moreover you know exactly that you have made a great shot when your tee shot turns out exactly like you visualized it. Pick the smallest possible target that you can hit. You want to think like an archer that is aiming for the bulls eye and not just roughly into the direction of the target. If the smallest target you can hit with confidence is a twenty yards corridor on the fairway that’s okay too.

The important fact is that you have decided that you want to do beforehand.

Bobby Jones – I have seen many good players attempt shots they should have known were impossible.

Play With What You Got

Even the best players struggle with their game sometimes.

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If that is the case they have to play with what they got.

They can’t allow themselves to be stubborn and try to perform shots they struggle with.

If they do they would be out of contention in no time. You should do the same.

The seven out of ten rule is a good rule of thumb. Only stick to shots you are able to pull off at least seven out of ten times.

If you are still struggling with your driver use a 3-wood or a long-iron or mid-iron. Or maybe try a punch shot to get your ball into play.

Don’t do the same thing with every tee shot simply hoping the best. You want to put your best food forward and take the best chances you can get.

If you know you are prone to slice the ball deal with it and aim accordingly. Tee your ball up more to the right and aim to the left.

Have A Pre-Shot Routine And Stick To It

Every tour pro has a routine he can rely on off the tee. Everything is choreographed right down to the last detail.

Create your own starting with the practice swings you take, your aiming procedure, your waggle up until you pull the trigger.

If you do different things every time you are standing on the first tee you give your mind and body different signals which would only confuse your subconscious. A good pre-shot routine will also calm your mind because you don’t have to think about every single step you make – you just do. Let’s finish with a couple of tips to better your chances hitting those fairways. Try teeing the ball up lower.

This promotes a lower trajectory which gives you less carry but helps to keep the ball in play.

Try to keep you ball below the treetops by visualizing a ceiling you don’t want to hit.

You might also try to grip down an inch or two. If you shorten the length of the club you increase the control over your shots.

Try this on the range for a while to accustom yourself to the new feeling. Finally try to keep your backswing as compact as possible.

The longer it is the harder it is to return the club face square at impact. Try to think three quarters. Every tee shot gives you the opportunity to hit a fairway.

Go the extra mile to reframe your mind towards hitting as many as you can.

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